‘How I Met Your Mother’ Could Be Done After This Season, Show’s Writer Says

How I Met Your Mother fans may finally get to meet Mrs. Ted Mosby.

As the Season 8 premiere aired on CBS, writers for the hit sitcom approached the episode, “Farhampton,” as if it would be the beginning of the final season, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The CBS show’s writers approached tonight’s episode, “Farhampton,” like it was the beginning of the show’s final season. With Neil Patrick Harris announcing that this season will be his last, the likelihood of that happening just went up.

“We sort of come in every day and go, ‘This is the last season of How I Met Your Mother’ until we hear different … We really feel like this launches the last season,” co-creator Craig Thomas told reporters last week.

The report said that writers have two plans in place. There is an ending written for this season of How I Met Your Mother that involves a reveal of the mother with a second plan in place to prolong the show if a ninth season is ordered.

Monday’s episode gave viewers the biggest glimpse of the mother to date, showing the familiar yellow umbrella, a guitar case, and a pair of legs that belong to the mother.

Thomas noted that the legs don’t necessarily belong to the actress who will play Ted’s wife.

“I don’t want to say because ultimately when we do cast the actress who’s the mother, it’s going to have to be shrouded in secrecy, so if it already happened, we already did it, we don’t want to say,” Thomas said.

As for some of the other developments on How I Met Your Mother, Thomas noted that Marshall and Lily’s baby will play a real part of the show and the dynamic between the friends.

“I like to believe that we are tending to the fact that they have a baby more than some other shows have,” Thomas said, “but I don’t feel like the baby takes over the show.”

There will also be more Robin Sparkles, he added.

As Entertainment Weekly noted:

“The How I Met Your Mother team are determined to get one last scene of Robin’s Canadian pop star alter-ego in the show. ‘We want to go back to [Robin Sparkles]. One more time before we hang it up,’ Bays said. Added Thomas, ‘And we have a way to do it that I think would be completely different from the other ways we’ve done it.’ “

But whether How I Met Your Mother goes for another season or wraps it up at the conclusion of the year, at least the end is now firmly in sight, TV Guide noted. The show has established where Ted will meet his future wife — at the train station in Farhampton — and all the rest will soon fall into place.