Police: Florida Man Found Eating Other Man’s Face

A Florida man has been taken into custody by Martin County authorities after an absolutely bizarre incident. CBS News reports that police are blaming the drug “flakka” for motivating the suspect to try eating the face off another man, to the horror of witnesses.

Sheriff’s deputies say that they were called to a residence in Martin County on Monday night. They were told by the caller that he was trying to break up a fight between his neighbor and another man, but had been stabbed. When authorities arrived at the scene of the alleged incident, what they saw was far more than a mere fight between two men.

When the sheriff, and deputies, arrived, they witnessed the Florida man on top of a deceased individual. He was allegedly chewing on the man’s face, tearing away flesh with each bite he took.

Multiple deputies, including a K9, had to pull the suspect off the deceased Florida man. Authorities say that they had to use a stun gun, but it had no effect. They ultimately needed the help of extra deputies, in order to use “great force” in removing the man. Once authorities were able to detain the suspect, they found the other man’s wife deceased in the garage of the residence.

This isn’t the first time, in Florida no less, that a man has been accused of eating another man’s face. In the year 2012, a naked Florida man was fatally shot by authorities after he was discovered on top of a homeless man. To the horror of the police, Rudy Eugene was eating the face of the homeless victim. Ronald Poppo survived the attack, but has been rendered permanently blind and disfigured. This case attracted the attention of the public in a gargantuan way. Dubbed the “Miami Cannibal Attack,” or the “Miami Face Eater” case, people across the world have used the story to speculate about zombie conspiracies, among other topics.

Earlier this year, a New York woman was arrested after she reportedly tried to eat her friend’s face. Police say that 37-year-old Lindie Stewart viciously attacked a male friend, and her boyfriend, after taking a cocktail of cocaine and crystal meth. Lindie reportedly tried to take bites out of her friend’s face, who fortunately was able to fight her off. Meanwhile, her boyfriend tried to hold her, in order to stop her allegedly violent rampage. However, the New York woman reportedly took multiple bites out of the other man during his attempts.

In this latest case, authorities haven’t released the identities of the Florida man or the alleged victims associated with Monday night’s violent incident. He is currently being treated at St. Mary’s Hospital. A motive for his alleged attack isn’t known at this time. However, authorities in Martin County believe that the Florida man may have been under the designer drug “Flakka.”

This drug is becoming a known problem in the Sunshine State, with numerous cases of bizarre behavior associated with its use hitting media headlines. The designer drug is known to be in the same class as another drug called “Bath Salts,” which has also been known to cause bizarre behavior in those who abuse it. It should be noted, however, that even though authorities suspect “Flakka” use in this cannibalistic incident, they do not know for a fact at this time.

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