‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 8: ‘Grotesque’ [Video]

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 returns this Sunday with an all-new episode, which is titled “Grotesque.” There are many unanswered questions about where the show last left off in May, but those answers may be coming to fans of Fear The Walking Dead over several episodes since the next one is mostly all about Nick and his invincible personality that leads him on the search for answers within a pilgrimage of zombies.

What is known about the return of Fear The Walking Dead is that the core group has been broken up into many, and there are still the questions about Salazar and Celia’s death, according to Entertainment Weekly.

But a report by TV Guide suggests that those answers will not be immediately available in the first episode of Season 2B of Fear The Walking Dead, which means that fans are going to get the cliffhanger dragged out for a few episodes and possibly even the season. There is a good chance that Salazar is still alive, given how The Walking Dead universe likes to bring back characters with “fake death” scenes that only implies the death of a major character.

Nick is that character on Fear The Walking Dead that is a little bit more than a wild card, but rather an anomaly that keeps on doing the most odd-ball things that keep fans guessing what he is going to do next. That is also what is going to happen in Episode 8 of Fear The Walking Dead in Season 2.

Before we get too far into what’s to come on the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead, let’s just step back for a moment and take a look at where we have been so far this season on the AMC show. This is the part of the article where we need to warn you that there are major SPOILERS that are coming up for Episode 7 of Fear The Walking Dead. If you do not want to be spoiled for that episode, you need to stop reading now.

For those of you who are still with us, then you probably saw that when Fear The Walking Dead last left off, the Strand compound was going up in flames and the groups were being systematically dismantled and separated. Madison was with Ofelia, Alicia, and Strand. Nick put himself in self-imposed exile, seeing his family and friends as murderers. Travis and Chris are also on their own as Travis now has a clear vision of his future and it is only with his son.

It all started when Salazar was starting to lose his mind and seeing visions of his wife. She had asked him why he did not bury her, which led to sequences of Salazar as a young boy, shooting a man in his home country. That was presumably his first kill and the first of a sequence of events that led him to where he was in Fear The Walking Dead.

Then there was Celia, who saw the zombies as “her dead,” and she walked willingly into that cage that Madison shut the door on. This was the moment on Fear The Walking Dead where Madison starts to turn into the Rick Grimes kind of character who will do whatever it takes to survive and protect her family. That includes killing off a few of the characters around her.

So, on Episode 8 of Fear The Walking Dead, Nick is on a mission alongside the zombies, and he seeks answers for what is happening in the world. He will also soon find out that a dark secret from his own past can haunt him all the same.

Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.

[Image via AMC]