New York City ‘2’ Train Passenger From Queens Forces Perverse Rider To Exit: ‘Get Off This Train With That Freaky S**t!’ [Video NSFW]

Warning: The following video is filled with explicit and harsh language. Viewer discretion is strongly advised (NSFW).

A New York City resident is being heralded as a hero today for bravely confronting a perverse train passenger who pleasured himself in plain view of other riders.

As reported by the New York Post, Deanna Carter from Queens initially noticed the unknown male touching himself behind a backpack while riding on an uptown “2” train on Monday. Rather than keeping silent, however, she called him out and began filming him on her cell phone.

“What are you doing,” she asks after the man initially notices Carter recording him. “Are you over there rubbing your d**k? What the f**k are you doing?”

She then begins to threaten the bespectacled individual, expressing that she has no problem physically assaulting him if he attempted to counter back in any way.

“If you want to do that freaky s**t,” she continues, “you do that s**t off the motherf***ing train. Do it again, and [I’ll] get out of this chair and [beat] your a**. Do we understand each other?”

The man, clearly frightened, nods his head in assurance as Carter’s verbal attack rages on.

deanna carter
[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

“Do some freaky s**t again, and I [will come] out of this chair, and I [will beat] your a**. You want to rub your d**k, b**ch? Then, you rub your d**k when you get off the motherf***ing train!”

The once-bold male passenger is then seen cowering and protecting himself with the bag he used to shield his groin area. Understandably agitated and disgusted, Deanna refuses to relent from berating him.

“I will f**k you up on this train,” she yells. “Do you f**ing hear me?”

After he nods again, she demands that he exit at the next station, which happened to Times Square/42nd Street.

“Now,” she commands, “the next stop, you get the f**k up [and get off the train], you hear me? You get your a** off this f**king train with that freaky s**t! Do you understand me?”

The man responds, “yes,” but it was not loud enough for the heroic Deanna.

deanna carter
[Photo via Deanna Carter/Facebook]

“I can’t hear you,” she yells. “Say, ‘I understand you, miss!'” He quickly does as he is told.

Carter then raises her phone to get a clear view of his face, and from the expression he makes, it becomes obvious that he realized he messed with the wrong person on that particular day.

“Now, I’ve got your f***ing picture on here,” she dictated, “[and] like I said, I don’t give a f**k if this [upcoming station] ain’t your stop. You get off this train with that freaky s**t. Get up! Get the f**k up!”

Once again, the man does as he is told. As he makes his way toward the doors of the car, Deanna follows suit and walks toward him to ensure that he heeds her demand. At this point, all eyes are on both of them.

“Get the f**k off,” she repeats. “You’ve got the right one, honey, [because] I’m a crazy b**ch! Please believe me!”

The man then hurries off the train and the video ends, but that’s not where the story does. Once Deanna was able to, she shared the video to her Facebook page, where it has since gone viral.

“Tell me why this dude was rubbing his penis sitting across from me,” Carter wrote in the post. “I’m so mad right now! [I] got his face on video, [though]. He better hope that I never see his nasty a** again.”

Deanna, who goes by “Momma Dee,” has been mostly radio silent since the incident occurred, but friends and strangers have been congratulating her for her brave act throughout the past 24 hours. No word on if the man was ultimately picked up by the police for his lewd act.

[Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images]