Protesters Gather Outside Google Headquarters, Want Search Giant Out Of Chamber Of Commerce

Google Chamber Of Commerce Protest

A group of protesters gathered outside Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California at noon on September 24 to hand over a petition that demands the company leave the US Chamber of Commerce. The petition was signed by 270,00 people.

To draw interest to their campaign, the group used Google+ to poll users at the website On the website, users are asked to choose the reason they believe Google should not be included in the Chamber of Commerce. After making a selection, users are asked to share their reason with friends circles.

The organization SomeOfUs feels that the US Chamber of Commerce is not serving the public interest and that big name internet company’s could hurt net neutrality, which is the right to keep the internet free for anyone to browse and publish content freely on.

The group also wants Google out of the organization because the Chamber supports the Protect IP Act (PIPA), which would allow government bodies to block websites for copyright violations without a hearing.

While Google has publicly spoken out against PIPA and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), its association with the government bodies has still drawn jeers from protesters who want the company to severe ties completely with the US agency.

A plane also flew over Google headquarters with a banner that read: “Google: Quit the Chamber.”

Google has not commented on the protest, which was peaceful and well organized.

Do you think American companies should be forced to “unwed” themselves from government bodies who ultimately determine the direction of the country?