U.S. Bank Tower In Cincinnati: Window Washers Scaffold Dangled On Building — Live Tweet Rescue [Video]

There is a current drama unfolding due to a dangling window washer’s scaffolding in Cincinnati. As reported by Fox 19, which has live video of the dangling scaffolding off of the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Cincinnati, two workers were able to rescue themselves off of the platform.

As reported by the Twitter account called “,” the dangling scaffolding caused traffic closures in order to protect people from danger or risk of the scaffold falling.

“Closed because a scaffold is dangling from us bank tower in on Vine St from 4th St to E 5th St

The U.S. Bank melee caused the “U.S. Bank” search term to trend on Twitter, with more than 5,000 tweets coming in to the social media platform because of the dangling platform. Workers tried to secure the scaffold platform that is — as of this writing — still currently dangling from the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Cincinnati.

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Update: The scaffolding was lowered onto another portion of the U.S. Bank Building, as can be seen in the below photo, which means it is no longer dangling off the U.S. Bank Tower.

As reported by Cincinnati Police Lt. Steve Saunders, the two workers were able to save themselves after one side of the scaffolding fell, all due to a wire breaking around noon E.T on Tuesday, August 16.

The fact that the dangling platform contained five stars instead of window-washing gear was confusing to some onlookers who wondered what was taking place when the scaffolding snapped. Meanwhile, authorities saw fit to close Fifth Street as the workers ensured they could try and secure the dangling scaffolding.

With the process ongoing, facts about the U.S. Bank Tower in Cincinnati are being searched for and distilled online.

The live video showed a worker on one side of the dangling scaffolding being lowered down onto another part of the U.S. Bank Tower, presumably to safety. It was a harrowing experience for viewers to watch, not knowing if the dangling scaffolding would fall or be secured.

Folks turned to Twitter to post photos of the U.S. Bank scaffolding incident.

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As noted by the U.S. Bank Tower Cincinnati website, the building is 27 stories high.

“U.S. Bank Tower is a 27 story 365 feet tall skyscraper located at 5th and Walnut Streets in downtown Cincinnati. It was designed and built by part owner John W.”

All sorts of photos of the U.S. Bank Tower began appearing on Twitter from various vantage points. Some of the photos of the scaffolding dangling appeared to be taken from people inside the U.S. Bank Tower, while others were taken from the ground.

Whether it was an actual crew of people that were part of a window washing unit or workers preparing to remove or install the five stars onto the U.S. Bank Tower in Cincinnati remains to be seen.

The red stars can be seen in close-up photos like the one above, showing a crew member working to secure the scaffolding from dangling on the side of the U.S. Bank Tower.

Meanwhile, police in Cincinnati also kept the public updated about the progress of the dangling platform, as seen in tweets like the below one from the official Twitter account of the Cincinnati Police Department.

Other photos like the below ones, taken by WLWT viewer Marc Bell, show the scary moment that the scaffolding fell due to one of the wires breaking. Likely everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that the scaffolding did not fall completely to the ground in Cincinnati — and the fact that not all of the wires broke. As of this writing, there have been no reported injuries due to the wire breaking.

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