Dark Alien Agenda Exposed: Alien-Human Hybrid Species Will Take Over Earth, Eliminate Global Elite By 2029, Researchers Claim [Video]

According to reports circulating in the UFO and alien conspiracy theory blogosphere, alien species have set 2029 as the date for completion of a decades-long plan to take over world government.

Aliens plan to force the current crop of world leaders and global elite to make way for a new alien-human hybrid world-ruling elite.

According to conspiracy theorists, the scheduled takeover of world government and replacement of the global elite by a new alien hybrid species is the culmination of a project initiated by a coalition of alien races, including the Grays and Reptilians, after the historic Grenada Treaty was signed with the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954.

The 1954 Grenada Treaty required the U.S. government to grant aliens permission to establish underground bio-genetic research facilities across the country. The treaty stipulated that the facilities would be used by alien researchers for a project to create a new alien-human hybrid species better adapted than the original Gray and Reptilian alien forms to conditions on Earth.

An alien hybrid in a test tube
Aliens are conducting research in underground facilities to create a new alien-human hybrid species that will take over Earth, according to conspiracy theorists. [Image via Shutterstock]

In return, the aliens would grant the U.S. government access to advanced technology that would help to speed up U.S. aerospace and military research programs.

To facilitate the alien bio-genetic research program, the U.S. government granted the aliens permission to abduct animals, such as cattle, and a limited number of humans.

The aliens needed to abduct humans and animals to harvest genetic material and organs. Abductees were also used in some cases for hybridization experiments that involved sex with alien hybrids, according to some alien researchers.

Conspiracy theorists lament that greed for access to superior, exotic alien technology in the effort to win the Cold War pushed the Eisenhower administration into a dark, secret pact with extraterrestrial beings, according to UFO International Project Report.

The decision to allow aliens to build research bases on Earth could prove suicidal for humanity because the ultimate goal of aliens is to create an alien hybrid form of themselves that will take over Earth from humans.

The Inquisitr reported last week that alien abduction researchers claim that the secret alien hybrid project has reached an advanced stage and that aliens have secretly begun integrating alien hybrids into human society in preparation for the takeover of world government, which is allegedly scheduled for completion in 2029.

The details of the alleged alien agenda to achieve the full takeover of world government by 2029 was confirmed by the famous whistleblower Phil Schneider, according to Collective Evolution.

Schneider, an influential figure in the UFO and alien conspiracy theory movement, claimed knowledge of the New World Order's plans to stage a transition from human elite-controlled world government to alien hybrid-controlled world government. He claimed to have participated for more than 17 years as a geologist and structural engineer in multiple government projects to construct deep underground military bases (DUMBs) designed to house alien and government research personnel.

The best known of the underground bases are Area 51 and the Dulce Reptilian-Gray underground facility.

Schneider claimed to have had level three security clearance that granted him access to top-secret bases, such as Area 51 and S-4.

He claimed to have been one of the few human survivors of the alleged bloody August 1979 firefight between aliens and U.S. Army Special Forces at the underground Dulce facility in which more than 60 government agents were killed.

He revealed details of alleged black projects at the Preparedness Expo in September 1995. He also provided alleged material evidence, including alien metals, technological artifacts, and photographs (see YouTube video below).

He gave insight into the scale of government spending on black projects and the construction of underground bases. According to Schneider, the government has spent up to 28 percent of the country's Gross National Product on black projects and the maintenance of more than 130 DUMBs scattered across the country.

The DUMBS are connected by an elaborate and sophisticated underground transportation system.

Going by Schneider's testimony, Earth consists literally of two worlds: The known world on the surface of the Earth and an unknown underground world consisting of government agents working secretly with aliens in linked subterranean facilities scattered across the country.

Schneider died suddenly in January 1996, six months after his shocking revelations at the Preparedness Expo. He was found dead in his apartment.

Rumors about what caused his death included a stroke and suicide. But conspiracy theorists believe he was murdered by the government because of his disclosure activity. According to some reports, he was garroted with a piano wire "military-style."

There is no consensus among conspiracy theorists whether the U.S. government had anticipated the long-term consequences of granting aliens permission to build research facilities and conduct bio-genetic experiments. But most conspiracy theorists insist that the long-term consequences of the Grenada Treaty were obvious even in 1954, but greed for alien technology to gain military advantage in the Cold War caused the authorities to sign the treaty.

The aliens offered the U.S. government new types of metals. They also provided technical assistance that helped to speed up the development of aerospace technology, including development and deployment of advanced spy satellites.

But some conspiracy theorists believe that the aliens used threats and intimidation to force the Eisenhower administration to sign the treaty. The U.S. government really had no choice because if Eisenhower had refused, the aliens would simply have used force to take over Earth.

And no sooner had the treaty been ratified than the aliens began violating it by abducting more humans than the treaty allowed them to. They also kept and used humans for bio-genetic experiments under conditions that violated the agreement.

The original treaty only granted the aliens the right to abduct a limited number of humans. It also required that the aliens treat their human abductees humanely.

Some conspiracy theorists claim that tensions between the aliens and the government over alleged violations of the 1954 treaty agreement sparked a firefight between aliens and humans in 1979.

Fighting flared after a group of U.S. green berets guarding workers excavating a new underground facility stumbled upon an underground detention facility where human abductees were being kept in inhumane conditions.

Since the incident, the government has been involved in a covert struggle to contain the growing alien threat. The aliens responded by speeding up the hybridization program.

According to Temple University historian and UFO-alien researcher David Jacobs, in a recent interview with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt, the aliens have completed the hybridization program and have begun secretly integrating alien hybrids into human society.

The plan to take over world government and eliminate the global elite by 2029 is progressing as scheduled, conspiracy theorists claim.

Alien human hybrids
Aliens plan to replace humanity with a hybrid form of their kind, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via Shutterstock]

Schneider had said before he died that the government would soon be forced to tell the world the truth and admit its mistake.

And according to conspiracy theorists, the authorities appear to have realized recently that disclosure is inevitable. Officials now realize that even if they refuse to make disclosure, the aliens will force it when they are ready to make their final world takeover move.

The understanding that full disclosure is inevitable explains why the government has been "drip feeding" the masses limited disclosure information in recent years. The "drip feeding" is part of preparation for full disclosure as UFO sighting reports increase worldwide.

The recent intense coverage of alien and UFO news by the media, according to disclosure advocates, is part of the "drip feeding" of the masses in preparation for disclosure by the U.S. president by the end of 2016 or early next year.

Disclosure in 2016-2017, according to conspiracy theorists, will be followed by alien takeover in 2029.

Disclosure advocates are putting pressure on President Obama to make disclosure before the end of his presidency.

The statement by the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that she will get to the bottom of the UFO mystery if elected president also signals the imminence of full disclosure, according to advocates.

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