Nick Viall Responds To Amanda Stanton’s Claims He Wanted Jen Saviano Instead, Denies Josh Murray’s Editing Defense

Did Bachelor in Paradise unfairly edit Josh Murray to be the bad guy? Not so, according to Nick Viall. On Monday night, after the latest episode of the spin-off aired, Nick appeared on the talk show AfterBuzz TV. During his appearance, Nick talked about Josh’s claims that the show edited him to be the season’s villain. Nick also talked about Amanda Stanton’s recent blog post, which, in defense of herself and Josh, claimed that Nick told her prior to Josh’s arrival that they should date other people and that he went on the show to meet Jen Saviano.

Nick pointed out that when he was on Andi Dorfman’s season The Bachelorette, he had tension with some of the other men and he worried about being portrayed as the bad guy. He revealed that he even talked to a producer about being edited as the bad guy and the producer assured him that there is no edit. He said that while he didn’t like the answer at that time, he has now come to realize that the producers try to tell what really happened and while they may leave some things out, they don’t make things up.

Referencing his second appearance on The Bachelorette, this time for Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick said that what was shown was what really happened. He explained that many of the guys saw him right off the bat as the villain and questioned his intentions. Yet as viewers saw, the men, with the notable exception of Shawn Booth, changed their minds about him as time went on.

“Josh has referred to editing. I would disagree. Again, the general, like every conversation doesn’t necessarily get aired and so, but that was the general feeling in the house, that Josh came in and went out with Amanda and we had a conversation. I was surprised by the approach Josh took…”

Nick also pointed out that no one ever blames editing when they become fan favorites.

When asked how he would have handled the situation different, if he came in after Josh and Amanda already went out on a date and expressed interest in one another, Nick said that he would have had a conversation with Josh right off the bat to dispel any notion of a rivalry between them rather than immediately taking Amanda out and then seeming to gloat about it. Nick said that he, if the roles were reversed, would have also told Amanda to have a conversation with Josh before continuing on with the relationship. Nick said that if Josh and Amanda had handled it in such a way, rather than come back from their date and just start making out a few feet away from him, the other cast members and viewers wouldn’t have criticized them so much.

As reported by the Inquisitr last week, Josh Murray defended himself from criticism when the show showed him taking Amanda without regard for Nick’s feeling, making out with her in front of everyone upon their return, and then having a tense conversation with Nick in which he accused Nick of always bringing drama to situations and then gloated about how great his date with Amanda went. Josh blamed editing for his bad guy portrayal.

As for what Amanda Stanton wrote in her blog, Nick Viall made some clarifications. Nick said that he and Amanda, at the first rose ceremony prior to Josh’s arrival, agreed to be open to dating other people.

“Amanda wrote a blog… I read it… it is generally mostly true… the conversation that Amanda was referring to that you did not get to see was basically… we talked about the nice time that we had and we expressed to each other how much we both wanted to continue to get to know each other and that we were both aware of the fact that we had only been there for about a few days and that we knew that at that point, there would be new guys coming in and there might other women and that we both wanted to, we were still open to that. We both said to each other, I think one thing I said to her, ‘No matter what, let’s be mature about this. Lets be upfront so that if something happens where you want to go a different direction, let’s just let the other person know, cause no matter what, we’ll be friends at the end of this and maybe we’ll hit it off’… We were both on the same page.”

Nick said that while what Amanda wrote was mostly true, it’s not true that he didn’t seem interested in her during their off-camera times.

“As far Amanda’s blog, a couple of things, Amanda and I had at no times off-camera times. She mentioned something about that. We were always on camera together..I definitely was not as affectionate towards Amanda as Josh was. I wasn’t quite there yet but we never had any off-camera time so I’m not sure what she’s referring to with regards to that…”

Nick also denied Amanda’s claim that he told her that he went on Bachelor in Paradise to meet Jen Saviano.

“As far as the Jen stuff… I did tell them at one point that this Jen girl, who you may or may not see in Paradise, was very attractive and I was very interested in meeting her. I never told anyone that I was coming for anyone specifically. I did tell Amanda when we went out that Jen, when she asked, I was like, ‘Listen, I want to meet Jen. I’m curious about her.’ I was upfront with that. I certainly never told Amanda we should date other people and that I only came for Jen or anything like that…”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amanda wrote in her blog last week that Nick told her right off the bat that he joined the show hoping to meet Jen Saviano, who was on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, and that during their date, he stopped showing her affection when the cameras stopped rolling.

In a lighter moment during the interview, when the AfterBuzz TV hosts made fun of Josh’s moaning while kissing Amanda, Nick said that he noticed Josh’s moaning during Andi Dorfman’s season. Nick said that during a rose ceremony prior to the hometown dates, Josh, who was standing right next to him, moaned when Andi called out his name for a rose.

“I was like ‘What the heck is that?!’ I was like, ‘My god he’s going to eat her.'”

Will viewers see Nick Viall find love on Bachelor in Paradise? When asked if he regrets going on the franchise again, Nick said that he doesn’t. He said that he takes risks and described going on the spin-off as “a very positive experience.”

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