Kenya Moore Breaks Her Silence About Matt Jordan Drama: Is She Single Now?

Kenya Moore has been busy filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the past couple of months. Kenya was happy with Matt Jordan when the previous season ended, and Moore was excited about him moving in with her. However, shortly after the new season began filming, the two started fighting during a trip to Mexico. Moore claimed that he had been violent on the trip, as he tried to kick in a hotel room door. Since this trip, Kenya has been open to listening to his side of the story, but it sounds like she’s now single.

According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she’s single and she doesn’t need a man to validate her. It sounds like she’s making an announcement about her relationship. While Matt has no problem using social media to slam her, Kenya has no plans of saying anything negative about him. Maybe she wants to wait until his behavior airs on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so fans can see for themselves what she has been going through. She posted a very interesting post on Instagram, where she took a stance.

“I get paid to share my life on TV. But when I care about someone, I protect them even when I may need protection from them. I’m not going to fight on social media. That’s what kids do,” Kenya Moore revealed in an Instagram post a few days ago, adding, “Love me or hate me, I don’t care if I’m 100 and single I’ll never settle for any man just to say I have one. Ladies: A man can make you a wife, or woman now for that matter, but a man can never validate you.”

Moore shared this comment with a picture that had the following quote, “3 Things To Keep Private: 1. Love Life, 2. Income, 3. Next Move”

Kenya Moore’s post comes just days after Matt freaked out after trying to get on a plane on Kenya’s dime. Apparently, Moore had been purchased a plane ticket for him to fly from Atlanta to Carolina, so he could attend Peter Thomas’ club opening last week. Kenya was present and bonded with Cynthia Bailey, who supported her estranged husband. But Moore didn’t want to bond with Matt during this party, which was possibly filmed for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Jordan took his frustrations on social media, where he opened up about Kenya Moore’s behavior.

“Guess who canceled my ticket? Kenya Moore. I’m tired of this s***. I’m tired,” Matt revealed in a deleted video, according to Reality Tea, adding, “Wasted gas driving down here running through the terminal only to find out that my ticket was cancelled last minute by yours truly and then when I break something or yell or act in any aggressive manner y’all wonder why! I get upset and y’all say I’m bashing her online?? #mattjordan #funnystyle.”

These two definitely have an interesting relationship. Matt is very vocal about what she’s doing to him, but she has no interest in slamming him on social media. Moore is trying to take the high road by not speaking about him behind his back. But Matt has been very vocal about all of the things she has done, including setting him up at her home. He believed that they were going to hang out and talk about their issues, but he was surprised to find the entire Real Housewives of Atlanta crew at her house, ready to film their conversation.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s decision to cancel Matt Jordan’s flight to Charlotte to party with her and her friends? Do you think she did this to cause even more problems for him, or do you think she had her reasons for canceling the flight?

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]