‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Eric’s Decision Rattles Ridge And The Family, Wyatt Tears Into Liam, And Thomas Opens Up To Sasha

What’s coming up on Tuesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers indicate that tensions will be running high as the Forrester family conflicts progress. Eric stunned everybody by announcing that he was bringing Quinn back to Forrester Creations and Wyatt and Liam are battling over Steffy. Where are things headed during the August 16 show?

Steffy exploded when Eric brought Quinn into their family meeting and she tried to insist that her grandfather put a stop to all of this. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via We Love Soaps note that the contentious family meeting continues into the next episode, and Ridge will stand up to his father over this shocking move.

Eric will talk about how he enjoys being with Quinn and respects her talent, and he will add that he knows that she wants to make significant changes in her life. The two look adoringly at one another throughout this speech, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that his passionate talk falls on deaf ears.

Previews show Ridge telling Eric that his father would never do this to him or the family, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central note that Eric will go so far as to evict Ridge from the Forrester mansion in the midst of all of this drama. Eric may be standing up for what he thinks is his love for Quinn, but will it ultimately backfire on him by pushing Ridge and Rick to work together to take over the company?

Liam and Wyatt continue to butt heads over the Steffy situation, as Liam said that as long as Steffy is with Wyatt, Quinn will be a threat in her life. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that this may be too much for Wyatt, as he gets quite agitated and tells his brother that he’s crossed a line and is being ridiculous. Wyatt insists that he will not let Liam predict that his marriage will falter, and viewers can surely expect some heated words from Liam in return.

Thomas has become something of a knight in shining armor for Sasha lately, and the two grow even closer to one another during Tuesday’s show. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that Thomas will talk a bit about something that remains missing from his life, but Sasha questions what he could possibly want that he doesn’t have. Of course, that something he doesn’t have may well be a relationship with Caroline, and teasers detail that he will be carrying quite a bit of guilt over being the catalyst that drove Caroline and Ridge’s split.

While Thomas does want to be with Caroline, he is hesitant to swoop in to try to make it happen. In addition, as viewers know, Caroline decided to head to New York with Douglas to take some time to regroup. He didn’t go looking for a romance with Sasha, but the two are growing quite close to one another quite quickly, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that there is more on the way on this front. Will Thomas end up with Sasha and will Caroline end up alone?

As the week continues, fans will see Ridge considering his future, one couple making new living arrangements, and Wyatt confronting Quinn once again. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Thomas will be supporting Liam in some way and a new battle to shift control at Forrester Creations begins. There is plenty of drama set to play out this week and fans are definitely going to be buzzing about where things are headed next.

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