Ariana Grande Fans Thank Her For Being ‘Unproblematic’ Amid Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Drama

Ariana Grande fans are taking to social media to thank the star for being “unproblematic” as Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber continue to create drama on social media.

A slew of Ariana’s biggest fans headed to Twitter to thank the “Dangerous Woman” singer for taking a more drama-free approach to fame, trending the hashtag #ArianaIsUnproblematicParty, according to Hollywood Life.

As Justin and Selena’s feud continued to heat up, Grande’s fans praised the star under the hashtag, even joking that Bieber should “take notes” from Ariana.

“#ArianaIsUnproblematicParty Justin can take some notes,” Grande fan @Pop_Surveys tweeted out about Ariana, while @ArianaAmazex wrote, “I’m so glad Ariana treats her fans like her own family #ArianaIsUnproblematic.”

“After seeing all the drama in other fandoms and realizing I’m in the d*** right fandom #ArianaIsUnproblematic,” Ariana follower @ohsnapitzmarthe added on the 140-character site.

Ariana responded to the heartfelt trend by telling her fans “I love you” before adding “v much.”

But while Ariana’s fans are thanking her for staying out of the drama, Grande has had some past issues with Bieber.

Most recently, Grande spoke out about Selena constantly being referred to as Bieber’s ex in an interview with Billboard, slamming the media for constantly pulling Selena and Justin together despite Gomez and Bieber splitting after four years together in 2014.

“I saw a headline, they called someone another someone’s ex, and that p***** me off,” Ariana said in the Billboard interview earlier this year, telling fans to “draw their own conclusion” on exactly which former couple she was talking about because mentioning their names would create “so much drama.”

“This person has had so many great records in the last year,” Grande continued seemingly of Gomez, “and she hasn’t been dating him forever. Call her by her name!”

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber were also rumored to be feuding earlier this year after fans claimed that Ariana referred to Justin as “Satan” on Twitter.

Ariana Grande Fans Thank The Star For Being 'Unproblematic' Amid Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Drama
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Back in January, Bieber appeared to flirt with Ariana by posting a very candid comment on Instagram, despite her romance with dancer Ricky Alvarez, commenting on a video of herself posted to the social media site, “Damn Ariana u look so good.”

Grande then appeared to hit back at Justin’s advances with a pretty scathing message on Twitter, tweeting out “lol no” and then following up by writing on the social media site, “Not today satan!!!!!! [got to go] finish this music & live my cute, drama free life!!”

Ariana never officially confirmed that she was referring to Bieber with her comments, though the drama appeared to continue after the two unfollowed, and then promptly refollowed, each other on both Instagram and Twitter.

Reports speculated that there could have been drama between the two that prompted Bieber and Grande to click the unfollow button for each other, though Sugarscape reported that Ariana denied the bad blood reports in an interview with Britain’s KISS FM and claimed she never actually unfollowed the “What Do You Mean” singer.

“I actually didn’t!” Ariana replied when asked why she unfollowed Justin. “I think it was like a glitch or something, because I didn’t.”

Ariana then joked that Justin could potentially have blocked her across his social media sites, but clarified that there’s “nothing to report” when it comes to the drama rumors, unlike Justin’s recent issues with Gomez.

Grande has not spoken out about Justin and Selena’s latest drama, but admitted in the radio interview earlier this year that she and Bieber “haven’t spoken in months.”

What do you think of Ariana Grande fans taking to social media to thank Grande for keeping things “unproblematic?”

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