Pizza Hut Unveils New Cone Crust Pizza [Video]

Cone Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut, in order to re-qualify for the weirdest pizza of the year award (that is not a real award) has decided that stuffed hamburger crust pizza did not go far enough. So leave it to those wacky Middle Easterners to invent the new Mixed Cone Crust Pizza, as reported in today’s Huffington Post!

Not it is possible that consumers will be scratching their heads when they hear about this new bizarre creation, which will only be available in Pizza Hut’s Middle Eastern branches, because it is hard enough even to understand what it is by looking at it, but what it has are doughy cones all along the crust of the pizza. Half of the doughy cones are stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese and chicken, the other half of the cones are filled with a mixture of chicken and honey mustard sauce.

While eating this creation a diner can separate the chicken cones and eat them individually.

Pizza Hut’s overseas branches have been known for extremely innovative and interesting crust ideas. While some of them may gross Americans out they seem to do really well in their host countries. Americans were grossed out to learn that in Great Britain last year, Pizza Hut released an aptly named pizza called the Hot Dog Crust Pizza. There is no hidden story with this one, the crust contains a giant hot dog wrapped in cheese going around the entire crust of the pizza.

Enjoy the commercial which is promoting the Cone Crust Pizza in the Middle East (not hard to understand as the actors and voie over are distinctly American)