‘Titanfall 2’ Beta Drops This Weekend And Next, New Gameplay Trailer Hits Now

Those waiting for the Titanfall 2 beta won’t have to wait much longer. Respawn Entertainment announced Tuesday that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will get a chance to try the mech-and-man multiplayer shooter out for themselves over the next two weekends.

The Titanfall 2 Open Multiplayer Technical Test will start on Friday, August 19 and run through Sunday, August 21. Round two of the test will then hit Friday, August 26 and last until Sunday, August 28.

The beta test will be open to all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players with no code necessary to enter. The Titanfall 2 Open Multiplayer Technical Test will be available to download free directly from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store on the consoles. Users will only need to go to access the store on their console and search for Titanfall 2.

The Ion and Scorch Titans will be available for both weekends of the Titanfall 2 beta along with the Pulse Blade, Grapple, Holo Pilot, and Stim abilities. Players will be able to try out the Bounty Hunt and Pilots vs. Pilots mode on the Boomtown, Homestead, and Training maps during this time.

The second weekend of the test will feature the same content but add the Cloak Pilot ability, Amped Hardpoint game mode, and Forwardbase Kodai map.

Here is a description of the modes and maps from a press release provided by Electronic Arts.


  • Bounty Hunt (5v5): A brand new mode that pits Pilots and their teammates against an opposing team as well as the Remnant Fleet. Earn bonuses by killing grunts and enemies, but make sure and deposit all your points at the bank between waves without getting killed.
  • Pilots vs. Pilots (8v8): Players can be the best Pilot on the Frontier and put their combat and mobility skills to the ultimate test in this classic 8 vs 8 Pilots only mode.
  • Amped Hardpoint (6v6): A new twist on Hardpoint Domination from the original game; now defending a Hardpoint will let you amp it, giving your team double score. Team work is the key to securing victory.


  • Boomtown: A secret underground IMC facility where the latest in R&D is put to the test. In this facility, Pilots can use the many peaked roofs to use as cover against combatants below. With tight lanes through the middle, Titans can also be easily ambushed.
  • Homestead: The IMC have claimed Imminent Domain on a small commune’s plot of land. With a series of raised, rocky plateaus and a river running down the middle, Pilots are mostly safe from Titans among the rocks and trees but they also can duck into the caves and building when needed. However, the Titans control the large rolling fields.
  • Forward Base Kodai: Militia forces have taken over an IMC substation and set up a forward operating base. Pilots can find safety from Titans in the hallways and chambers of the main building, while Titans can walk over the roof to get a better view of the action.
Titanfall 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
[Image via Respawn Entertainment]

As previously covered, the Titanfall 2 beta will not be available for PC players. The variety of hardware on the PCs prevented the developer from getting the game ready in time for the platform. The studio still has work to do to support its minimum required specifications for the PC.

Another reason cited for holding the Titanfall 2 beta test back from the PC was because of dataminers who rummage through a beta’s files to discover and share unannounced secrets. Respawn Entertainment is trying to keep the details of the single-player campaign somewhat secret.

This has already happened to Battlefield 1, another Electronic Arts-published title due this fall. An alpha test of the game was recently datamined and revealed details about the multiplayer and the single-player campaign that were not previously announced. This included the number of missions, characters, lines of dialogue, and much more.

Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign
Jack and BT team up in 'Titanfall 2' [Image via EA/Respawn Entertainment]

The Titanfall 2 campaign has been a closely-held secret for Respawn Entertainment. The basics of what the developer has revealed through trailers and previews so far is a Militia soldier named Jack Cooper is forced to pair with Titan in the midst of a battle to become an unlikely pilot. The pair must survive the hostile wildlife on an alien world along with enemies from the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMF).

The campaign is linear but will feature open areas for players to explore and have multiple avenues to complete objectives. Players will be able to utilize stealth, parkour, and other abilities to complete a mission or go in guns blazing. Players will also be able to communicate with the Titan, BT-7274, and use different conversation paths. This will not affect the game’s outcome, however.

Titanfall 2 is due out October 28 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via EA’s Origin Store.

Will you take part in the Titanfall 2 multiplayer beta test? What do you look forward to seeing? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Electronic Arts]