Caila Quinn Reveals The Secret To Her Perfect Hair: Find Out The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Beauty’s Hair Care Tricks

Caila Quinn has really good hair. The Bachelor in Paradise star, who just missed being picked as last season’s Bachelorette, had everyone buzzing when she showed up in Mexico for ABC’s summertime spinoff. While the girls were jealous of Caila’s good looks and her bouncy, shiny locks, even the guys commented on what great hair she has.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Caila Quinn revealed that she likes to add curl to her hair and that she used two key products on her lush mane while shooting Bachelor in Paradise on the hot beach in Mexico.

“I’m an avid fan of the curl,” Quinn said. “I found myself using a lot of dry shampoo. I only use Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo and Dry Finishing Spray!”

In an interview with New Beauty, Caila revealed that she has a specific routine when she styles her hair at home.

“After I shower each morning, I brush out the ends of my wet hair and start by blow-drying my bags on high heat, just running my fingers through my hair loosely. I finish drying my hair by holding all of my ends together—it gives the ends a natural curl. Next, I use finishing spray to prevent frizz and then I run my fingers through my dry hair before I curl it. I use a 1-inch Conair barrel curling iron, starting in the middle, and then slowly working the curler to the end, where I hold it for a little more time. Gotta get that bounce, you know?”

Quinn added that she washes her hair every other day, but also washes it after every workout. Caila always blow dries and heat styles her wet hair, never letting it air dry. As for products, Caila Quinn says she does change it up depending on her mood, but that she does have some favorites.

“Right now I am using a Biolage shampoo—varies depending on which scent I’m feeling—and Aussie 3-Minute Miracle. I use it every third wash and I leave it in for a whole 15 minutes. It is my favorite! I think it is especially wonderful for girls with long hair who don’t want to cut their ends all the time—it leaves my hair so smooth.”

Caila also added that she doesn’t color her hair and that she takes most of her inspiration from pop superstar Selena Gomez. Quinn also said she isn’t loyal to any particular salon or stylist.

“Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same hairstylist twice,” Caila revealed. “I am a big fan of recommendations and I’m pretty trusting of experts in their craft, as long as they know how to layer and keep it long. I think I cut my hair once a year, if that!”

Caila also revealed that she thinks “less is more” when it comes to her long locks.

Less hairspray, less color and more natural fun!” Quinn told New Beauty. “Unleash your hair’s flirty freedom and let it down. Plus, you never know when a guy might want to run his fingers through it!”

And she should know. Caila Quinn stirred up drama on Bachelor in Paradise without even doing anything, mainly because the guys were drawn to her like flies to honey.

Caila’s fellow Bachelor castmate, Lace Morris, got protective of her guy, Grant Kemp, and she even said Quinn better not ask her man out.

“If Caila asks Grant out on a date, I might have to slap a b***h,” Lace said.

And Emily Ferguson straight-up said she doesn’t like Caila Quinn, calling her “too perfect.”

“I definitely don’t like Caila,” Emily said. “I’ve always felt weird about her. I always have felt like she’s too perfect, and everything is so much like a pageant queen that it’s almost fake.”

It probably didn’t help that Quinn zeroed in on Ferguson’s love interest, Jared Haibon. Some Bachelor in Paradise fans think Caila and Jared look like they’re straight from an animated Disney movie with their exotic good looks.

Speaking of BIP fans, they also had a lot to say about Caila Quinn’s gorgeous, shiny mane.

Take a look at the video below to see Caila Quinn’s arrival on Bachelor in Paradise.

[Image via Caila Quinn/Instagram]