Third Female Jogger Killed In Random Attack: Murder Occurred Before Deaths Of Karina Vetrano And Vanessa Marcotte

Before Vanessa Marcotte was killed jogging in Princeton, Massachusetts, and before Karina Vetrano was murdered while jogging in Queens, New York, there was Ally Brueger, also a pretty brunette, who shot in the back while jogging in Rose Township, Michigan. While it is unlikely that the murders of attractive young women in three different states are connected, the message that women jogging alone are unsafe is being received by joggers across the country. Many people are now opting to run in groups, whereas before, they put in their earbuds and headed for their favorite nature trail.

When Vanessa Marcotte was killed just a half mile from her mother’s Princeton, Massachusetts, home while she was jogging in the middle of the day, a trend seemed to be emerging of attacks on young women, according to the Inquisitr, who were vulnerable as they were listening to music and working out on quiet trails. Both Vanessa Marcotte and Karina Vetrano were strangled, assaulted, and murdered. Marcotte was set on fire, and authorities believe the murderer was trying to destroy any DNA evidence he might have left behind.

Now that a frightening trend is emerging, the question remains: Who is killing female joggers? Within nine days, Ally Brueger, Karina Vetrano, and Vanessa Marcotte were all killed while out on a run, says the NZ Herald. While runners, particularly those out alone, need to take heed, finding the persons perpetrating these crimes needs to be at the top of the list. However, seeing that the crimes have taken place in different states, many are calling for the FBI to get involved.


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But while Karina Vetrano and Vanessa Marcotte were both killed by strangling, Ally Brueger was shot four times in the back. Both Brueger and Marcotte were killed in small towns that hadn’t seen a homicide in years, while Vetrano was killed in Queens. All three women were petite brunettes and routinely jogged.

Ally Brueger was a registered nurse and an aspiring writer living in Rose Township Michigan. Brueger went out on her daily 16km run along Fish Lake Road when she was shot four times from behind. Michigan police claim that several people in the area heard the shots but ignored them because the area is a favorite spot for hunters. However, one man took a look outside his front door and found Brueger bleeding on his front lawn. The man performed CPR on Brueger until the ambulance arrived.

Michigan police are asking area residents to keep their eyes open for a white or light four-door vehicle that was seen leaving the area near the murder of Ally Brueger. State Police Lt. Michael Shaw is heading up the investigation but has been tight-lipped about what is going on. He is not saying whether or not there is a person of interest, but Shaw is asking for any tips from the public, per the Oakland Press.

“Individuals involved in a violent act often exhibit some noticeable behavior changes after the commission of a crime.”

Shaw shared some signs to look for that should arouse suspicion.

  • Acting oddly or out of their normal character since the incident happened.
  • Showing signs of internal distress, such as anxiety, nervousness, or irritability.
  • An unexplained or stress-induced illness.
  • An above average interest in this incident since it has occurred.
  • Someone who has become more reclusive and anti-social.
  • Someone who hasn’t shown up for work or has missed regularly attended gatherings or meetings.
  • Someone who has unexpectedly changed their appearance.

Most of all, authorities in all three states are urging women to take extra precautions while out walking or running.

Do you think the murderer in the three cases is a copycat?

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]