‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Talks Derrick Levasseur, Nicole Says A Player Asked Her To Reveal Her Secret Ticket, Paulie Believes He’ll Return To The Game If Evicted

Over the past 12 hours, Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers featured mentions of a legendary Big Brother 16 winner, Nicole Franzel claiming another player asked her to open her sealed ticket envelope, and Paulie Calafiore believing he has a good chance of returning to the game if evicted Thursday night.

Derrick Levasseur, who won the Big Brother 16 grand prize and is considered to be one of the best players of the series, has been the topic of discussion many times since this season began, mainly because of his unique connection to Paulie.

Paulie’s brother, Cody Calafiore, and Derrick created the Big Brother 16 “Hitmen” alliance, which helped them make it to final two. Derrick won the season, but he and Cody have remained close since the show ended. Paulie has come to know Derrick quite well and even obtained some Big Brother coaching tips from Derrick before the commencement of Season 18.

Ironically, Derrick spoke out Sunday night about Paulie’s game in an interview with Rob Cesternino on Rob Has a Podcast (RHAP), saying Paulie has mentioned his name too many times. Derrick further said he’s perplexed as to why Paulie revealed to other houseguests he’d been coached by the renowned player, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

It should be noted Paulie is on the chopping block with Corey Brooks. However, Paulie is almost sure to be sent packing.

Early Tuesday morning at around 1:07 a.m., Paulie tried to coach Nicole and Corey, telling them to prepare for any competitions ahead. He offered to give them all of the information he had “in his head and quiz them every day,” Joker’s Updates reports.

He added that Cody and Derrick constantly practiced remembering things that happened in the Big Brother 16 house and the days and weeks they took place, according to Joker’s Updates. Paulie then said he used aluminum foil to study the various parts of the houseguests’ faces on the memory wall, which he noted he had learned from Cody and Derrick.

At about 1:36 a.m., Paulie gave a shout out to Cody, Derrick, and several other Big Brother 16 houseguests. Subsequently, he told Cody and Derrick fans that the next Care Package “better be going to Corey,” Joker’s Updates reports.

These are just a few of the instances over the season in which Paulie has boasted about Derrick, which Derrick said during his interview has only made Paulie a bigger threat to the other cast members.

In other Big Brother 18 news, at around 2:43 a.m. Tuesday on CBS All Access live feeds, Nicole revealed to Michelle Meyer that Paulie tried to get other houseguests, including her, to open their sealed ticket envelopes, which were obtained from the secret room twist.

Each houseguest has a numbered ticket obtained from the secret room that was first discovered by Paul Abrahamian several weeks ago. Only one of the sealed envelopes contains a round trip ticket that upon eviction, allows the cast member holding the ticket to immediately return to the game.

The two women talked about Paulie’s efforts to remain in the game, when Nicole told Michelle he wanted other houseguests to open their envelopes to see if they had the round trip ticket. Nicole said she told Paulie she wouldn’t do it.

Michelle found this “hilarious,” and then asked why Paulie would want them to do such a thing. Nicole explained Paulie wants to know if there’s a chance he will return to the game if evicted, because if no one else has the ticket, then he does.

Nicole said she told Paulie she didn’t think anyone would open their envelopes, and noted she believed to do so would be the “dumbest move ever.”

At first glance, Paulie’s request may seem extremely selfish and altogether wrong, because cast members have been told their tickets are null and void if the sealed envelope containing the ticket is tampered with or opened. Big Brother host Julie Chen is the only person who can open these envelopes following a player’s eviction.

However, houseguests were also informed the “round trip ticket” twist ends this week. Paulie is certain he will be evicted Thursday, which, in theory, means every other houseguest’s ticket is now useless. So, there would really be no harm if everyone but Paulie opened their envelopes – unless there is another Big Brother 18 twist.

Nicole, a veteran player, anticipated something else could be in the works. She and Michelle agreed Paulie’s idea would be terrible if two people are evicted this week. If a surprise second eviction did happen Thursday, and the houseguest who had the round trip ticket was evicted, but had already opened its sealed envelope, that ticket would be void and the houseguest would have lost a second chance at the game.

Michelle and Nicole also theorized if the round trip ticket is not used, Big Brother might extend the twist for several more weeks.

Nicole opined she thinks Paulie is at the point where he really doesn’t know what else to do and is trying to make any move that might allow him to remain in the Big Brother 18 house.

Regarding the elusive round trip ticket, Paulie, despite his pleas to Nicole, seems to be quite certain he has it. Joker’s Updates reports he told Nicole and Corey Monday night his envelope might be the lucky one because it is number 10, was in the 10th position in the secret room, and number 10 was his brother Cody’s number in college.

According to TV Grapevine, Paulie said if he returns to the game after being evicted, he will tell Paul he’s a “manipulative f*****g snake,” adding “you’re dead.” Paulie noted he will also instruct Paul to tell Victor that Paulie is coming for him.

When Nicole cautioned Paulie about doing that, saying he could lose the next Head of Household (HOH) and then be vulnerable in the game, Paulie proclaimed, “I wouldn’t lose.” According to TV Grapevine, Paulie continued on about his possible return and how the houseguests who put him in this current precarious situation are selfish.

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