Is Rob Kardashian Cheating On Blac Chyna? He May Be Up To No Good On Instagram

Could Rob Kardashian be communicating with other women despite his engagement to Blac Chyna, who is currently expecting his first child?

According to a new report, the 29-year-old sock designer has been making some not-so-responsible decisions on social media.

“Every time she’s with [Rob Kardashian], he’s on the phone, on Instagram and his inbox keeps getting bombarded with girls sending him messages. Rob tries to play it off like it’s not anything, but won’t let Blac read the contents of the messages,” a source told Hollywood Life on August 15.

Rob Kardashian didn’t used to be very active on social media but after striking up a romance with Blac Chyna several months ago, he began sharing regular photos and videos on Instagram and Snapchat.

While Rob Kardashian appeared to quickly dedicate himself to Blac Chyna and their romance, and has even been seen with Blac Chyna’s son with Tyga, three-year-old King Cairo, the model is reportedly concerned about his potential to cheat.

“Blac’s been cheated on before many times by Tyga. If [Rob Kardashian]’s stepping out on her while she’s pregnant, it would kill her,” the source explained.

As fans of the Kardashian-Jenner family will recall, Blac Chyna’s ex-fiancee, Tyga, was linked to a number of women, including Kylie Jenner, during their relationship and went public with Jenner after their engagement was called off.

In addition to the Hollywood Life report, Blac Chyna has recently been seen vocalizing her concerns in the series trailer for Rob & Blac, a reality show which follows the model and her fiance, Rob Kardashian, as they prepare to tie the knot and welcome a child together.

“Are you still texting b****es, yes or no?!” Blac Chyna screams into the phone in the short clip.

Then, later in the sneak peek, it is revealed that Rob Kardashian may have sent Blac Chyna flowers to apologize, but rather than accept the apology, she angrily throws them into a swimming pool.

In recent weeks, rumors have been swirling in regard to Rob Kardashian possibly quitting his new reality show, but weeks ago, a source shot those reports down, claiming that despite a few tiffs between him and Blac Chyna, they continue to film.

“There haven’t been any problems with production” on filming Rob Kardashian’s upcoming reality show, a source confirmed to People Magazine earlier this month. “There have definitely been a few growing pains on the set of the show. It’s a lot of work and a big commitment, but things are going more smoothly now.”

“Rob is great and has been filming. The (filming) schedule is not always set in stone and the crew tries to be flexible too,” another source close to Rob Kardashian confirmed. “It’s great that he is back and filming. He is doing very well and keeps working out. He seems very happy with Chyna. They speak about the baby nonstop.”

As for the future of Rob & Blac, a second season likely won’t be confirmed until the ratings for the first season are revealed. However, according to the magazine’s source, a series renewal is quite likely.

“There’s not a guarantee that there will be a second season, but the wedding won’t take place this season, so if they want to cover that, then I’m pretty sure there will be,” the source explained.

For more of Rob Kardashian, tune into Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 12 airing on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on the E! Network, and don’t miss his new series, Rob & Blac, when it premieres on September 11.

[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]