Is Beyonce Pregnant? Singer Reportedly Wants To Give Jay Z Another Baby

Mic Florendo

Beyonce and Jay Z faced divorce and cheating controversies a few months ago when she released her new album, Lemonade, but now the 34-year-old singer is rumored to be pregnant. The pregnancy rumors sparked when the diva was spotted hiding her belly during a recent vacation in Italy.

RadarOnline shared photos of the Texan-born songstress wearing a pink dress and covering her alleged baby bump with a pillow. She was also spotted with the 46-year-old rapper, who was carrying their daughter, Blue Ivy, as they get off a yacht.

According to the website, her white cut-out bathing suit strategically hid her belly, and she was wearing a loose printed dress over it. It was very unlikely of the singer to cover up her voluptuous body, which gave out an impression that she was trying to hide something. Could Beyonce be pregnant?

In a recent report from RadarOnline, a source revealed that the "Halo" hitmaker is not yet pregnant. However, that doesn't mean she and Jay Z aren't planning to have more children. Beyonce reportedly wants to give her husband a second child this Christmas.

"It's Jay Z's birthday in December too so it will be a double celebration," an insider said.

The Hollywood couple already have a 4-year-old daughter, so Queen Bey could be planning to have another baby soon. Despite the cheating rumors, the couple managed to work out their relationship, and there is still real love between them.

"Beyonce knows Jay wants them to move forward and get their lives together back on track — and this is the best way to do it," their source said.

According to the website, the Grammy Award-winning singer thinks that having a baby could save their marriage. Giselle Knowles is allegedly trying to time everything so she can surprise her husband, Shawn Carter, in December. Maybe that's why they went on a vacation in Italy.

"Now that she and her hubby are tight again, Beyonce doesn't want to waste any more time," an insider said.

Back in June, the famous couple went on a romantic getaway in Hawaii which could probably be their second honeymoon since the "Crazy in Love" hitmaker wanted to get pregnant. The R&B queen looks hot wearing a cut-out one-piece bathing suit and she looked happy spending time at the beach with her hubby. RadarOnline also shared a photo of them kissing on the rocks.

According to the website, the record producer and his wife have been working hard to fix their marriage. The celebrity couple have been living in Los Angeles for more than a year, but Queen Bey had enough of that place that's why they bought a mansion in New Orleans.

"Beyonce and Jay have said they think that L.A. was toxic to their marriage," a source revealed. "She told friends that L.A. is just too far from her family, and said that there are way too many vultures here."

Maybe staying away from the paparazzi would help the A-listers focus on their marriage and eventually help the singing superstar get pregnant. In a previous report from the Inquisitr, her cousin Shanica Knowles and her former manager Brian "Kenny" Moore revealed the reason why Beyonce and Jay Z won't file for a divorce.

"She's been through the intense anger and I think she's now learning to forgive Jay," Shanica said. "The next few months are going to be the test – this is now make or break for them – but Bey's determined to do everything she can to make it work."

Brian, on the other hand, thinks that the "Sorry" singer won't give up on her husband because she wanted to prove to everyone that her marriage isn't a failure. She doesn't want to end up like her mom who divorced their dad for cheating on her.

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