Kardashian Drama: Kim and Khloe’s Skinny Obsession Out Of Control, Kanye West Mocks Kim’s Sex Tape Partner As Paris Hilton Speaks Out After Taylor Swift Scandal

Kim and Khloe Kardashian have insiders worried with their obsessive dieting this week, and Kanye West has spoken out about Kim Kardashian’s sex tape partner Ray J. Meanwhile, none other than Paris Hilton has weighed in on the Taylor Swift scandal, scoffing that Kanye may have “made that b**** [Taylor Swift] famous,” but Paris was the one who made Kim famous.

Kanye West has seen the photographs of rapper Ray J at his recent wedding to Princess Love and has been mocking Ray J to Kardashian insiders, reports Hollywood Life.

“Kanye can’t believe Ray J found a woman who actually wants to be married to him.”

Hollywood Life reported earlier this year that Kanye is still bothered by Kim’s sex tape. It may have been released thirteen years ago, but West is still disturbed by the fact that countless men are watching a video of his wife having sex with another man, according to the report.

His own wife has a sex tape that’s legendary and Kanye hasn’t completely gotten over that.

Kanye and Kim now have two children together, and Kanye even reportedly threatened to finish the career of Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga if Tyga ever released a Kylie sex tape. Loyal family man Kanye has apparently told his friends that Kim and Ray J’s sex tape still “annoys” him, but the fact that he did not know Kim at the time it was recorded makes him feel a bit better.

“He didn’t know Kim back then so it’s not that bad – but still, knowing that people are still to this day watching his wife have sex with another man, on tape, annoys him.”

Kanye made the most of the release of the new Ray J wedding pictures, mocking Kim’s sex tape co-star. Kanye scoffed that, despite all his efforts to look regal, Ray J will never come close to being as famous and glorious as the Kardashian-Wests. In fact, West is rumored to have said that the only reason Ray J is famous is because Kim made a mistake with him, and hopefully now that he is married Ray J will stop trying to use Kim and Kanye’s names to make himself famous!

Kanye laughed at the pictures he saw of Ray J trying to be so royal and regal with his imitation Coming To America getup, trying to be the Prince of Zamunda like Eddie Murphy. Ray will never be on the status of Kanye and his only claim to fame is for a mistake Kim [Kardashian] made with him years ago. Hopefully now that Ray’s married, he will keep Kim and Kanye’s name out of his mouth and hopefully grow up and stop being a little child throwing tantrums like he’s one of Kanye’s children.

Accusing people of using you for fame has been a bit of a trend in the world of celebrity this week: Justin Bieber also accused his longtime love Selena Gomez of using him to get attention, and social media is still abuzz about the Kanye/Taylor Swift ‘Famous’ scandal, which erupted after Kanye rapped that he believes he made Taylor Swift famous.

Feel like me and Taylor Swift might still have sex, I made that b**** famous.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton has come forward saying that she is at the top of the heap, because she was the one who made Kim Kardashian famous.

News.com.au reports that Kim’s former BFF Paris liked a social media post showing Paris photoshopped into Kanye’s “Famous” orgy lineup. Paris can be seen alongside Kim and Kanye in bed, and the caption reads “I made his b**** famous.”

The report notes that Paris Hilton gave Kim her big break by allowing Kim to appear in Paris’ TV show, The Simple Life. Kim appeared on the show between 2003 to 2006, at a time when Paris Hilton was the most famous person in the world and Kim was her little-known busty brunette assistant.

By 2007, Kim’s star was on the rise due to the leaked Ray J sex tape and the release of the first season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Kim very quickly eclipsed Paris in the super-fame stakes.

Meanwhile, Khloe and Kim are said to be worrying insiders with their continued quest to be as skinny as possible.

“Khloe’s still on a serious weight loss mission, she’s shrinking before everyone’s eyes and she’s not even close to done…When she started, she thought losing 40 pounds would be more than enough, but hitting her goal only made her want to lose more.”

Hollywood Life reports that Khloe is skinnier than ever but determined to lose even more weight. Khloe apparently told insiders that her goal is to fit into her supermodel sister Kendall’s clothes.

“Her goal is to fit into Kendall’s clothes… She used to be jealous of Kendall’s body but now she’s just inspired by her. Khloe’s life revolves around her workouts, she’s training like a fitness model and she’s never felt better.”

The report claims that Kim has been worried about Khloe’s skinny obsession, however another Hollywood Life report says that Kim herself is on a mission to get super-thin after the birth of her second baby.

She even posted a video of herself on Snapchat trying on an especially slimming outfit. “You guys, doesn’t my waist look Photoshopped?” she said while posing in front of the mirror. “It’s so crazy! It’s getting small!”

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]