iPhone 5 Prank: Dutch Group Glues Newest iPhone To Pavement, Chaos Ensues [Video]

An iPhone 5 prank video has gone viral, after a group of people from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where Apple’s latest iPhone doesn’t go on sale until Friday, glued the expensive phone to the pavement to see what people would do.

Despite the fact that the iPhone 5 isn’t for sale in the Netherlands yet, the boys at iPhone.nl still got their hands on one, and decided to try an experiment — if you saw one of the highly anticipated phones just lying on the floor, would you pick it up?

The Daily Mail notes that the Dutch pranksters filmed themselves sticking the smartphone to the pavement in the Leidesplein, one of Amsterdam’s busiest squares, watching as hilarity ensued.

Sure enough, the iPhone 5’s shiny casing caught the eye of nearly every one who passed by. Most of them attempted to pick the handset up, before realizing that it was glued to the ground (with super glue, no less!). They either ran off red-faced and giggling, or got frustrated and attempted to kick the handset free.

The iPhone 5 prank even drew some people who spotted the phone and looked around furtively, before casually attempting to scoop up the iPhone from the concrete. One upset girl was even seen stomping and jumping up and down on the phone.

The New York Daily News notes that the video, which was posted on YouTube, garnered many views an comments, both for and against the makers. One user, Henry14arsenal2007, wrote, “So they bought an $800 phone just to glue it to the ground and render it obsolete? Genius.” Another user, Leadman1989, defended the people who tried to pick the phone up, writing, “Simply picking it up doesn’t mean they were going to steal it. The could have called the owner or someone close to the owner and returned it.”

Check out the iPhone 5 prank video below, then sound off in the comments below and tell us — would you pick up the latest iPhone if you saw it just laying on the ground?