Army Wife Gets The Shock Of Her Life During Toby Keith Concert [Video]

An Army wife got quite the surprise during a recent Toby Keith concert. The country music star took a pause during a Houston show to ask if anyone in the audience had a loved one serving on an operational tour. The spotlight suddenly highlighted one woman, and her friends quickly ushered her towards the stage. If the woman thought getting to go on stage with the country singer was going to be the biggest surprise of the evening, she was mistaken.

The young woman was visibly startled to see herself on the jumbo television screen as crew members hoisted her onto the stage. Excerpts from the heartwarming concert video depict a smiling Keith, saying, “Come on, sis” to encourage the military spouse near the microphone.

The country music superstar had this to say when the woman finally made her way next to him on the Houston stage:

“How about we do a little tribute to your husband out in Afghanistan?”

She beamed with pride as she the told Toby Keith her beloved’s name and rank, he dedicated the song to Major Pete Cruise. The woman fought back tears as she joined the performer in a chorus of “American Soldier.” Nearly overwhelmed with emotion, she raised her hand to her temple and gave a shaky but patriotic salute to honor all those that are fighting for our country.

After the song “American Soldier” ended and a guitarist began strumming the “Star Spangled Banner” the military spouse looked a bit baffled about what she was supposed to do next – until her husband walked across the stage. Still clad in his camouflage combat uniform, Major Pete Cruise unexpectedly returned home from the desert.

As the National Anthem blared, and the crowd cheered, the loving couple passionately embraced, neither one wanting to let go first.