Blac Chyna Afraid Rob Kardashian Is Cheating, Rob’s Texts ‘Off-Limits’ For Blac

We’ve already had a glimpse of just how mad Blac Chyna can get at Rob Kardashian after Blac “screamed” at Rob over the phone during the teaser for the first episode of their reality show.

Blac really let loose at her fiance as she pressured the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star to ‘fess up about his texting habits. Specifically, Blac wanted Rob to tell the truth about the women he texts with.

People magazine reports that there’s a “whole lot of drama” going on in the clip, including the part where Chyna goes after Kardashian to explain his secret texting habit. Blac added some heavy duty intensity to her third-degree by “throwing a bouquet of flowers in a pool.” That sounds like Blac is more than upset, and that she has a big reason to be so mad at Rob. Fans love the “messiness” between Rob and Blac though.

Hollywood Life found out that there is a big reason for Blac to be so furious with Rob. In fact, it’s an enormous reason, and things don’t look so good for Rob or the future of his relationship with Blac unless he can fix this in a hurry. The problem is that Rob won’t let Chyna see any of his texts or his Instagram any more. Rob his “hiding his personal messages” and making them all “off limits” to Blac.

Rob is “totally playing with pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna’s feelings,” and isn’t showing any consideration for how she feels about his decision to keep his text and Instagram secret from her. It could be that the only Kardashian brother seems to be channeling his kid self when he did what all brothers do and teased his sisters unmercifully. But that’s no way for a grown up to do things, and there could be a way more serious reason for his behavior. Blac thinks that Rob does have a hidden agenda, and she’s going ballistic over it.

According to a source close to Chyna and Kardashian, Blac is worried and is feeling “terrified” about the possibility that Rob “might be stepping out on her.” That’s right. Blac thinks that Rob is cheating on her, and that’s why he is hiding his texts, so that she won’t find out when he’s making plans with other women.

The Blac insider says that Rob’s texts and calls go on all the time, even when he and Blac are together. He doesn’t even turn off his phone or at least ignore it when Blac is around, but he also won’t let her see what he’s saying, or who he’s saying it to.

“Every time she’s with Rob, he’s on the phone, on Instagram and his inbox keeps getting bombarded with girls sending him messages. Rob tries to play it off like it’s not anything, but won’t let Blac read the contents of the messages.”

Shady! Blac, age 28, and Rob, age 29, are engaged and expecting a baby. If he isn’t sexting and cheating with other women, he shouldn’t cause Blac to be dealing with the “fear” that she can’t trust him. Blac has a history of men cheating on her, back when she was dating Tyga, now Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend.

So she doesn’t need the agro, especially after the “rough patch” that Rob and Blac went through in July, when they had an “epic blowout fight.” TMZ reports that Rob’s new reality show is all fueled by “massive, constant conflict” and this cheating situation is adding to that conflict.

“If Rob’s stepping out on her while she’s pregnant, it would kill her.”

Blac has helped Rob a lot over the months they’ve been together, and a Rob Kardashian before and after definitely has him coming out changed for the better. But if Rob can’t clear up this cheating mess with Blac, then a Rob before and after might just have Kardashian end up in way worse shape than how he started.

What do you think? Should Rob stop hiding his texts from Blac, even if he actually is cheating on her?

[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]