August 16, 2016
Melissa Gorga Denies Rift With Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita Says Viewers Didn't See Teresa Criticize Melissa

Is Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice on the outs with one another again? On Sunday, as the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired, Melissa responded to rumors that she and Teresa no longer have a good relationship with one another.

In response to a viewer who asked Melissa about rumors that she and and her sister-in-law are on the outs again, Melissa said that the rumors are absolutely false.

The latest episode of Real Housewives suggested that viewers may see trouble brewing between Melissa and Teresa in the near future, thanks to something that Jacqueline Laurita did. The episode showed Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice, going to Chris and Jacqueline Laurita's home for dinner after Teresa and Jacqueline re-connected and agreed to be friends again after years of estrangement and animosity. Viewers saw that even before dinner was ready, Teresa and Jacqueline began arguing with one another in the kitchen, leading to Teresa demanding that she and Joe leave and storming out of the house while calling Jacqueline crazy.

The kitchen scene didn't seem to show everything that Teresa and Jacqueline said to one another, specifically how Teresa and Jacqueline started talking about their past drama with one another. In her latest Bravo blog, Jacqueline confirmed that viewers didn't get to see everything that happened between her and Teresa. According to Jacqueline, Teresa was the instigator, "poking" at her right away and making "a few jabs."

Jacqueline went on to claim that Teresa criticized Melissa. Jacqueline wrote that she defended Melissa after Teresa brought up what Melissa "did to her" as she felt that Teresa was yet again blaming others for everything that happened and not taking any personal responsibility.

"I really wish you all could have seen everything that was said, but you can't squeeze everything into one episode. I felt that Teresa had started poking at me right away. It was her typical blame shift game with a few jabs here and there. Teresa kept bringing up the past and how she felt she was wronged by everyone, but she conveniently forgot and took no accountability for what she has done to others. I remember one of the things she was bringing up was what Melissa 'did to her' while I defended Melissa and reminded Teresa of things she did to Melissa. I quickly became annoyed by Teresa's lack of accountability, and I became agitated. I think you could see that in my face and hear it in my voice."
What the episode did show was Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita in the kitchen prepping dinner while Chris and Joe joked and talked in another room. After Jacqueline said that she was surprised that there was no drama at Melissa Gorga's boutique opening celebration, Teresa said that she now just wants peace and to keep any toxic people away from herself. Teresa then mentioned Melissa and said that she, as well as Jacqueline, were against her.
"I felt like that with my sister-in-law, Melissa, back then. You guys were all against me...You guys all got together and ganged up on me."
Jacqueline said that she didn't see it that way. Jacqueline told Teresa that she had her own issues with everyone and that no one ganged up on her. Teresa replied that the last time she was at Jacqueline's home, she attacked her on the porch. The discussion got heated as Teresa and Jacqueline talked about what happened that night in 2011 on Jacqueline's deck, when they got into a screaming match after Jacqueline questioned Teresa about a tabloid article that she read that talked about Teresa and Joe's legal problems and impending prison sentences. Teresa maintained that Jacqueline should not have questioned her about it while Jacqueline continued to defend herself by pointing out that there was no way she could have known whether it was true or false and that as her friend, she of course would have asked her what was really going on.

Teresa countered that her real friends would not have asked her about the article because they would have known the truth.

"My real friends would have known what was really going on."
In her blog, Jacqueline wrote that it was Teresa who gave her a "low blow" when she made her comment that her real friends would have known what was going on.
"Then Teresa hit me with a real 'LOW BLOW' by saying that her 'REAL' friends knew what was going on and knew not to ask her anything about it, because they all knew it wasn't true, and I should have just known that it wasn't true also! Wait, what?! was true! Is she delusional or in denial or both? She also had led me to believe that I WAS one of her 'Real' friends. Ouch! "
The kitchen scene then showed Teresa claiming that her brother, Joe Gorga, told her years ago that their true friends wouldn't go against her and warned her to not trust Jacqueline. Jacqueline retorted that Joe told her to not trust Teresa. Jacqueline then took out her phone and called Joe to ask him what he really said. Joe said that what he remembers is him telling Teresa to not trust anybody. He said that he doesn't remember mentioning Jacqueline. After Teresa chided Joe for possibly telling Jacqueline to not trust her, Joe said that even if he did say that, that happened during a time when he and his sister were not on good terms with one another.
The tipping point came when Teresa countered that when Jacqueline and Chris were going through their legal problems, she never brought it up. Jacqueline retorted that theirs wasn't a criminal case and that they would never file a fraudulent bankruptcy like she did.
"Mine wasn't a criminal case. We wouldn't file a fraudulent bankruptcy like you did. It's totally different. I'm just saying it like it is. You can't compare the two. You can't compare the two Teresa."
Teresa said that what Jacqueline said was a "f**kin low blow" and told Joe that they were leaving.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during Jacqueline's appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago, she was asked whether she thinks Teresa is still not taking any responsibility for the crimes that landed her in prison. Jacqueline said that she doesn't think that Teresa still fully understands what she did wrong.

What does Joe think of what happened between Teresa and Jacqueline and Jacqueline calling him in the middle of the argument? As the episode aired, Joe posted a photo of himself and his family, including Teresa and his niece, at the New York Fashion Week and wrote that he loves his family. Joe's post may have been his way of squashing any speculation that Jacqueline's phone call caused any tension between him and his sister and to signal that he's firmly on his sister's side.

Teresa, meanwhile, posted a photo that seems to make clear her opinion of Jacqueline asking her certain questions about her life.
A preview for next week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey shows Melissa Gorga telling Joe Gorga that what happened with Jacqueline Laurita could have snowballed and that when he has tension with Teresa, it trickles down to her. It also shows Jacqueline, during a one-on-one with Melissa, telling Melissa that it was Teresa who brought up Joe while Melissa says that she heard that it was Jacqueline who started it. Jacqueline retorts that it's typical of Teresa to blame someone else instead of taking personal responsibility. Judging from Melissa's recent tweet about her current relationship with Teresa, it seems that what viewers won't see is Melissa going against Teresa and siding with Jacqueline.

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