WWE News: WWE Superstars Ticked That Brock Lesnar Has Yet To Be Punished Over USADA Drug Test Failure

We all know by now that WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar failed a drug test that the USADA performed on him not just once, but twice before he fought Mark Hunt at UFC 200. While he passed all five tests he took before the fight took place, two coming out after the fight claimed he had taken an estrogen blocker. It was considered illegal because of the fact that it helps to increase testosterone. Some claim it is a big deal because it is also used to help people come off of steroids.

In the place Lesnar is in right now in his career, there is really no need for steroids. Earlier on, it is quite possible he needed them. Today, this is another story entirely. He was also clean his entire UFC run when he won the UFC Heavyweight Championship and was also clean when he won the NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Championship. Regardless, the test came out and he failed it. So one would imagine if he failed a drug test in the UFC that it would affect his WWE career due to the WWE’s Wellness Policy.

Interestingly, WWE told TMZ that part-time workers like Brock are not tested, therefore they do not fall under any sort of penalty by the Wellness Policy. Of course, part-time workers include many people from Triple H and The Undertaker to The Rock. So it does make sense that WWE would not test many of the people they consider part-timers.

Brock Hunt
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The issue is that Lesnar works for the WWE on a regular basis, and his treatment is certainly unfair compared to others that have failed tests in the WWE. According to Daily Wrestling News, this is upsetting the locker room. It is said that WWE allowing Brock to work WWE SummerSlam in the likely main event after his drug test failure has garnered several critics backstage.

While Lesnar could not care less who is talking negatively about him, WWE management may begin to care. The thought is that it seems unfair that Roman Reigns had to be suspended 30 days and had to apologize for his mistake to the locker room while Brock has seen no punishment whatsoever for his drug test failure.

The whole thing is not sitting well with the locker room, and talent has privately brought up the unfair treatment and inconsistencies within management regarding the Wellness Policy and the enforcement of it. The thought is that they treat the whole thing differently depending on who is involved rather than treating everyone the same. Weirdly enough, the UFC and even the state commissions and USADA have not handed any penalty down on Brock Lesnar either.

Lesnar Reigns
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To be fair, the same issues regarding favoritism were brought up with Roman Reigns when he was suspended. Management knew of Reigns’ drug test failure before WWE Money in the Bank and had him drop the WWE World Heavyweight Championship there. He would then get to work WWE RAW and find his way into a rematch for the championship at WWE Battleground only to be “officially” suspended the following Tuesday.

Fans were not thrilled with how it all went down and neither was the locker room, but at least Reigns did get suspended and did apologize to the boys in the back where none of this happened with Lesnar. All of this being said, Brock Lesnar certainly is happy with what is going on, and likes the fact that he gets special treatment. He likes making a paycheck like anyone else does, and no one can blame him for this. The problem is that his special treatment does not sit well with the locker room.

While Brock Lesnar does not care about the locker room, management may feel that the boys in the back have a point and they may change the rule slightly going forward. Theoretically, part-timers are less likely to have a drug issue, but that does not mean they do not. Who knows if Lesnar has been taking something harmful past the estrogen blockers? If he was tested at random like others, at least WWE could know even if they don’t plan to suspend him. It would also make the locker room happier.

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