Michelle Obama: ‘First Presidential Debate Is On My 20th Anniversary

Obamas Anniversary On First Debate Night

First Lady Michelle Obama dished during an interview last week that her 20th anniversary with President Barack Obama is the same day as the first Presidential debate — ruling out any possibility of the two spending a quiet evening dinner together.

Michelle Obama stated in the interview, according to The Hill:

“I learned just yesterday the first presidential debate is on my 20th anniversary. All I said was, ‘At least we’ll be together.'”

The first lady appears to be taking the news in stride, simply saying that she’s going to make the President write “love you, honey” on his palms in honor of the occasion.

The first face-off between Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney will take place on October 3 at the University of Denver and will focus on the economy. While Michelle will be backstage for the event, she doesn’t expect to see much of her husband that day. She added:

“I’m sure I’m going to be flying in from somewhere and he’s flying in from somewhere else. I’ll see him right before and I’ll watch him onstage and I’ll give him a kiss after the debates: ‘Happy anniversary, honey.'”

Access Hollywood notes that Michelle Obama joked about making her husband demonstrate some kind of public affection in honor of their 20th anniversary. She said:

“I’m gonna make him write it on his hand: ‘Love you, honey,’ so that when he waves or makes a point — ‘Love you, honey.’ “

Of course, it’s possible that Michelle owes her husband this one, considering the fact that Obama revealed to David Letterman this week how she forgot all about their first wedding anniversary. The president told Letterman on Tuesday night:

“I want to point out that our first anniversary, she’s the one who forgot. It was, like, Wednesday night; I said, ‘Honey, what do you want to do this weekend? What do you want to do on Friday?’ And she said, ‘What’s on Friday?’ I said, ‘Honey, we’ve been married a year.’ It slipped her mind.”

While it’s unlikely that the Obamas will spend much time together on their 20th anniversary, October 3, I’m sure many people will be looking to see if President Obama wrote, “love you, honey” on his hands to honor the occasion.