‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: What We Know About Friday’s Special Episode So Far; Is A Jury Buyback Possible?

The last time we saw a Big Brother 18 episode on a Friday night was a few weeks ago when Victor Arroyo earned his way back into the house. As you can imagine, when the Big Brother fans heard Julie Chen explain that the reality TV series would air a new episode on Friday, the speculation kicked into high-gear anticipating a jury buyback show.

It looks like those who hoped to see Da’Vonne Rogers or Zakiyah Everette return to the Big Brother house might be disappointed. Apparently, the houseguests will have a concert in the backyard with Ziggy Marley, and they will win “prizes and perks.” At this point, no one is sure what that means. We’ll find out more after the Big Brother live feeds return around 8 P.M. BBT (Big Brother Time).

Big Brother Network reports that the houseguests believe that another jury member could come back into the house. Apparently, in previous Big Brother seasons they usually have two double evictions, and so far, this season, we’ve only had one. To have another double eviction, we’d need one of the four jury members (assuming Paulie Calfiore doesn’t quit like he’s threatened) by Thursday’s live eviction show.

Another theory is it will show Ziggy Marley’s concert and showcase some of the drama from the past few weeks. There has been plenty of action, and CBS has plenty of live feeds to choose from between Paulie’s meltdown to Natalie Negrotti showdown with Corey Brooks and Paulie. If Week 8 evictee has the round trip ticket, then it his highly possible we could see the jury house and could follow Corey or Paulie to the jury house to talk about the game so far.

BB Feedster commented that they believe that Friday’s show could be a jury buyback challenge, and even could demonstrate the part of the HOH (Head of Household) competition for Week 9.

At this point, we are all speculating about what it could mean for the game. All we know for sure is Big Brother production locked the backyard and seemed to be building something large. We learned later it was a carnival forZiggly Marley’s concert. The Big Brother houseguests revealed that production stated they would win “prizes and perks” and Paulie speculated maybe one of the prizes could be a Diamond Power of Veto.

After Victor had put Paulie on the block, the Big Brother fans assumed that the show would find a way to save him either with a round trip ticket or some other type of new advantage that would help him escape eviction. When Nicole Franzel won “super safety,” the viewers were temporarily happy that it appeared that Paulie wouldn’t be able to escape eviction. Now, it looks like CBS may have put together a last-minute way to save Paulie boy so that he doesn’t have to be “bored” in the jury house.

Earlier today (Monday), Victor (current HOH) decided not to use the POV(Power of Veto) and sealed Paulie’s fate to be the next evictee of the Big Brother season. He pled his case to everyone in the house, and everyone told him that they love him as a person, but getting rid of him is the best game move right now. At this point, even his good friends, Nicole and Corey are on board to evict him.

The next episode will feature the Zinbot For President POV competition airing on Wednesday. On Thursday, Julie Chen will return for the live eviction episode and will likely have more details about the special Friday episode. Big Brother fans, do you think there could be a jury buyback competition that will bring another player back into the game? Does Paulie or Corey have the round trip ticket?

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[Image Via CBS]