Justin Timberlake’s New Song Almost Predicted Justin’s New Hampshire Wedding Crashing

When it comes to wedding crasher stories, Justin Timberlake’s recent wedding crasher escapade takes the wedding cake! Timberlake happened to be in beautiful upstate New Hampshire the area for a friend’s celebration just as New Hampshire couple Chelsey Gaudet and Ryan Parks were setting up for a photo shoot ahead of their own much lower key wedding. All might have been normal for a lovely New England late summer wedding, but Chelsey’s dad was on his game as best father of the bride ever, and noticed “one of the most famous people in all of entertainment” nearby.

As Ryan and his wife-to-be posed for “first look” photos before their ceremony at New Hampshire’s Omni Mount Washington Resort, Gaudet’s quick thinking dad immediately approached Justin to ask him if he’d help make his daughter’s special day even more special. TMZ reports that either dad was very persuasive, or Timberlake didn’t need much in the way of persuasion since Mr. Gaudet “convinced Timberlake” to be “part of a diabolical plot.” Okay, maybe the plan wasn’t exactly devilish, but it was an impressive spur-of-the-moment way to make Chelsey’s wedding one “for the books.” New Hampshire One News reports that because of dad’s determination and Justin’s good nature, Chelsey and Ryan had an extra, and extra-special, guest at their pre-wedding photo shoot, and Justin and his wife Jessica Biel were part of two weddings instead of one.

Justin and his wife hadn’t planned on being in anyone’s wedding pics just then since the original marriage ceremony wasn’t set to take place until later. The surprised bride and groom didn’t mind at all, though, that Justin’s togs weren’t exactly formal wear. He and Jessica were “dressed casually” and Justin himself was simply attired in “gray shorts and a blue fleece vest” when they joined the rest of the wedding party for the snaps.

One guest posted a pic to her Instagram account with the caption, “So handsome.”

Billboard points out that some of Justin’s lyrics almost seem to have predicted what he’d do for the New Hampshire wedding couple. Timberlake’s new song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” with the very on-the-mark words, “Feeling good, good, creeping up on you” could have been playing in the background as Justin and his wife so good-naturedly crept up on the happy couple.

They stayed for a few shots, then Justin politely explained that they were on their way to a different wedding and had to leave, treating the whole event as if both weddings were equally important to him.

“I have another wedding I actually have to make.”

Justin left then, but not without one last word for the couple. “Congratulations,” Timberlake told the happy bride and groom before he and Jessica left to get to their friend’s ceremony on time.

Chelsey was delighted with the creeping, and excitedly posted a photo of the visit to Facebook on Sunday. Timberlake’s fans were just as excited as she was, and took to Twitter to repost the photo over and over again with comments like, “I would die,” or “Amazing!”

Justin and his wife had been previously spotted in the area when a fan saw them at the Wakefield Diner in Sanbornville on Friday, where fans got to take pics with the celebrity, and one of the photos of Timberlake with his fans “went viral.”

One tweeter said she’s pretty sure New Hampshire loves Justin Timberlake too.

Even though Justin and Jessica showed themselves to be pretty easygoing about photos with admirers, the husband and wife-to-be of the other wedding certainly didn’t expect Timberlake to show up at their wedding on Saturday. What would you do if Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel were surprise guests at your wedding?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]