‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Is Corey Brooks In For A Big Surprise When He Exits ‘BB18’ House?

Big Brother 18 spoilers have covered the behavior of Corey Brooks in the BB18 house for a while now. A recent report by the Inquisitr also covered more homophobic comments that Corey made while the CBS live feeds were active. This followed a social media storm caused by the revelation of many homophobic and derogatory comments on his Twitter page before Corey even entered the BB18 house this season.

While the producers and CBS have not addressed the issue publicly, it is certainly something that continues to come up online. There is a recent popularity poll that fan site Big Brother Network posted, where Corey Brooks continues to rank among the most disliked members of the BB18 cast. While previous Big Brother 18 spoilers may have pointed out just how few fans Corey has this season, this latest poll shows it has become even worse.

Fans vote weekly on this Big Brother Network poll, simply selecting their favorite houseguest at any given time. This is the seventh time that the poll has been run, with Corey Brooks posting his lowest numbers of the season. Corey received only 1.85 percent of the vote this time, even though there are even fewer houseguests to select from. He is even behind Frank Eudy (8.2 percent), Bridgette Dunning (6.85 percent), and Da’Vonne Rogers (4.14 percent). What those people have in common is that they already got evicted from the BB18 house this summer.

As viewers last saw during the Sunday night episode (August 14) of the show, Corey Brooks and Paulie Calafiore are both on the block. The newest Head of Household Victor Arroyo nominated both guys, deciding that it might be time to shake things up a bit. That puts Corey and Paulie at risk of getting evicted during the August 18 episode of the show. There has already been a number of new Big Brother 18 spoilers about which way the vote is slanted, but CBS viewers will have to wait until the “live” Thursday night episode to know for sure who is next to join the BB18 jury.

Despite being partnered in a showmance with a veteran to the game (Nicole Franzel), Corey Brooks has been unable to win over fans watching the CBS episodes or through the live online feeds. Would Corey have been evicted already if he wasn’t teamed up with Nicole and other veteran houseguests for so long? That’s a difficult question to answer, as he has also been able to work with Paulie Calafiore for much of the summer. Winning HOH during the double eviction episode certainly gained him some credibility in the BB18 house finally, but is it enough to have any supporters when he exits the house?

A report from Yahoo! News continues to draw eyes, as it pinpointed many times that Corey Brooks was using homophobic slurs to attack people he didn’t like or make fun of people he followed on Twitter. The article also shares when he uttered his first derogatory comments in the BB18 house this summer. None of the houseguests called him on it when it took place the first time, but it did lead to some awkward silence with Jozea Flores and Natalie Negrotti in the room. Former Big Brother winner Andy Herren weighed in with his thoughts on Corey.

“Do I think Corey is an evil homophobe? No. What he is, though, is just as bad: He’s gay-phobic. He’ll joke about finding guys attractive, but then when anyone insinuates that he could be gay he goes into a panic and does whatever he can to make sure people know he isn’t gay, like being gay is something horrifying. He also throws around ‘that’s so gay’ when talking negatively about things, which, in 2016, needs to stop. To Corey, being gay is something that he is deeply scared of and doesn’t understand, and his ignorance on the subject is rather appalling. Ignorance is the key word here.

All this behavior from prior to Big Brother 18 getting started and then inside the BB18 house has placed Corey Brooks in a very negative light, especially since he seems to have no remorse for his comments. When Corey returns to the real world, he could be in for a huge shock when it is revealed how many fans of the show have viewed him this summer.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]