Pippa Middleton Distracts Kate Middleton From News About Her Wedding With Word Of Princess Eugenie’s Move To Kensington Palace

Pippa Middleton is planning a wedding to James Matthews, who proposed to her in July. This means that his reality TV star brother, Spencer Matthews, will be one of the in-laws that her sister, Kate Middleton, would have to welcome. But something else is happening at Kensington Palace that Pippa can use to distract Kate from the unseemly news of Spencer Matthews becoming a part of the royal family.

The latest news on the block at Kensington Palace is that Princess Eugenie is moving into the not-so-humble abode of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Not only does this mean that she will be close to the action, but that the Duke and Duchess will feel obligated to invite her to intimate family gatherings more often.

“Princess Eugenie is moving on up next year to a residence in Kensington Palace,” reports Hello! Magazine. “In a move that will see her living alongside neighbours Prince William and Kate in Apartment 1A and Prince Harry in Nottingham Cottage, the 26-year-old will settle into the three-bedroom Ivy Cottage on the palace grounds.”

The close followers of British royal family are wondering if this will put extra pressure on Kate Middleton, who is not only primping herself for the role of Queen of England someday, but she also has two young children to raise.

This move is rather a surprise as Princess Eugenie was rumored to be planning a wedding to her boyfriend, Jack.

But maybe she won’t be around Kensington Palace very much. The other long-time resident of the palace, Prince Harry, has been keeping himself busy and away from the royal residence by attending Rio Olympics and other duties he must fulfill as a top ten in line to the throne.

The fans are wondering if Princess Eugenie moving into Kensington means that she will also be featured on the royal Instagram account.

Either way, this is great news for Pippa Middleton, who has been closely examined after she announced her engagement to Scottish noble James Matthews, a financier and the brother of a reality TV star.

Spencer Matthews is the infamous star of the British reality TV networks. He already has Made in Chelsea, in which he was “filmed allegedly snorting cocaine,” made it public that he “lost his virginity at 13,” and claimed that he”bedded over 1,000 women,” according to Telegraph UK.

If all goes as planned and Pippa Middleton and James Matthews have a fabulous wedding in 2017, then Spencer will become part of the in-law family that Kate Middleton will have to greet.

Let’s hope that this union will not be worrisome for the British royal family!

Pippa, on the other hand, is absolutely over the moon with her engagement. Just last year, she broke up with Nico Jackson, with whom many people thought she would tie the knot. When that relationship came to an end, they were worried that the 32-year-old would never meet anyone in time to have the wedding she wanted.

But it looks like she didn’t need to meet anyone new to get that engagement ring! James Matthews is one of her ex-boyfriends, and their relationship goes back almost a decade. Sounds like he really pursued her.

At the end of the day, James really rewarded her patience by presenting her with a ring that blew everyone out of the water.

“Despite the estimated $328,000 price tag, 32-year-old Pippa wore the rock with ease as she cycled through traffic in the city,” reports Hello! Magazine. “The columnist looked as chic as ever in an outfit that combined clashing animal prints.”

Do you think Kate and the British royal family will get used to the idea of having James and Spencer Matthews around? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo by Scott Heppell/AP Images]