Rihanna ‘Will Be Praying For’ Chris Brown Today

Rihanna and Chris Brown are definitely not getting back together. Probably not. Maybe. We don’t know. But we’ve all had that ex that just keeps coming back, and how do they get in? Open lines of communication.

Amateur pugilist Chris Brown was set to appear in court last Monday to provide documentation that he completed the required six month community service he was charged with after his boxing match with Rihanna back in 2009. There were some questions as to how many hours of service he performed, so the hearing was delayed until today.

While Brown still has many fans, he also has many haters. Rihanna just isn’t one of them.

If Perez and I are reading her Twitter feed correctly, Rihanna tweeted directly to Brown just hours before his court appearance today, saying, “@chrisbrown I’m praying for you and wishing u the best today!” Brown responded with a retweet and a simple “thank you.”

We don’t yet know the outcome of Brown’s court appearance today as I’m still too busy scooping my jaw off the floor from this story. Let’s see if I have all of my facts straight: Chris Brown beats Rihanna, Chris Brown is assigned community service, Chris Brown apparently isn’t even penitent enough to complete it resulting in a delayed court appearance, and Rihanna tells him that she is praying that said court appearance, which he got by beating her and not doing his assigned community service, goes well.

Who are these people?

By the way, RiRi probably predicted that she’d catch criticism for the tweet, so it has since been deleted. Here’s a screencap to prove that it at one point existed:

Rihanna's original tweet

The deleted tweet was replaced by this:

Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today! Remember that whatever God does in our lives, it is WELL DONE!!! #1Love

— Rihanna (@rihanna) September 24, 2012

Reaaaaal subtle.