December 19, 2016
‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale Spoilers: Five Couples, Three Engagements, And A ‘Double Wedding’ In ‘Paradise’ [Report]

When does the Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 finale air on ABC and will the rumors about the final five couples turn out to be true or will there be a surprising twist at this season's final rose ceremony?

Here's everything you need to know about the Paradise season finale, including information on the couples who made it to the finale, the engagements, a possible double wedding, and updates about the contestants who left the show to continue their relationship off camera.

[Warning: Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 spoilers ahead]

Fans won't have long to wait to watch the dramatic Bachelor in Paradise season finale, so chill the wine and send out the viewing party invitations now. The summer reality series only runs for six weeks and although ABC has yet to confirm the official finale date, the two-night season finale should air on Monday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 6 unless the network skips a week due to the Labor Day holiday.

According to Reality Steve, filming for this season of Bachelor in Paradise started on June 8 and wrapped up on June 26. Some contestants were there for the full 18 days of filming and others, including Chad Johnson and Leah Block, were at the Playa Escondida resort in Mexico for barely a day.

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Bachelor in Paradise premiere Cast [Image via ABC Television Network]Many fans will wonder how couples can make a love connection in less than three weeks, but an engagement led to marriage for one couple last season, so perhaps it will happen again.

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding was the highlight of ABC's Bachelor at 20 special earlier this year, so there's a possibility that fans will see another Paradise wedding soon. If the show's creator, Mike Fleiss has his way, fans will see a double wedding on the season finale.

Weddings aside (for now), who are the final five couples who make it to the season finale and what is their relationship status two months after the last episode was filmed in Mexico?

According to Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, ten contestants make it to the finale, but not all of them leave the show as a couple. Here's the low-down on all five couples.

Lace Morris and Grant Kemp — Although Lace spends a few disastrous hours with Chad on the season premiere, her relationship with Grant started soon after she smartened up and told Chad to leave her alone.

Spoilers point to Grant proposing to Lace and, according to TMZ, they were recently spotted together in Lace's home state of Denver "hanging all over each other" — so it appears they are still engaged. Lace was spotted last week showing off her "Grace" tattoo (video below) — rumor has it that they both got the same tattoo (Grant + Lace = Grace, get it?) on their wrists to prove that they will stay together forever. Or at least until the Bachelor in Paradise media tour is over.

Nick Viall and Jen Saviano — Nick didn't connect with Jen until she arrived on Week 3, but they hit it off immediately. According to a post on Amanda Stanton's blog, Nick told Amanda, Jubilee, and the Ferguson twins that he was going on Bachelor in Paradise specifically to meet Jen.
Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Nick and Jen spent the night in the Fantasy Suite before they made the decision to break up on the season finale, but they parted on good terms. Jen currently lives in Florida and Nick lives in L.A., so perhaps they didn't want a long-distance relationship.

Ashley Iaconetti and Wells Adams — Ashley returns during Week 3 and doesn't cry quite as much as she did on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Ashley has a mini-meltdown when Caila Quinn starts dating Jared Haibon, but when Wells Adams arrives in Paradise on Week 4, she quickly forgets about Jared.

Spoilers point to Ashley and Wells making it to the season finale, but their connection isn't strong enough to leave as a couple. They break up, but there are rumors circulating that Ashley wasn't the one who wanted to end their brief relationship.

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass — Carly wasn't doling out the compliments after kissing Evan Bass, so she told him on Week 2 that she wanted to be friends. Evan tries to win her back on Week 3 and somehow gets Carly to come to his side after he gets injured (or sick) filming the show. His master plan worked— Reality Steve states that they got engaged on the season finale.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Evan has denied that they are a couple, so some fans think that they have already split up. They are one of the only couples who got engaged on the show who haven't been spotted together in public, but the photo below clearly shows Carly cooking a meal in Evan's kitchen. Perhaps they are just following the rules and keeping their relationship a secret until the finale airs?

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray — Leave it to Josh to make sure everyone knows he's with Amanda — on and off the show. They locked lips on Week 2 and didn't come up for air until the season finale. Spoilers point to Josh proposing at the final rose ceremony and the proof is all over social media.
They have been spotted out at Target, at a fair in Orange County, California where Amanda lives with her children, and Amanda's Snapchat (@AmandaBee4) was filled with videos with her kids as they headed back from Kansas City this weekend.

Interestingly enough, that's where Josh tweeted that he spent the weekend with his family in Kansas City and was headed back to California at the same time Amanda was snapping pics of her daughter's on a plane.

There is speculation that Josh and Amanda have already tied the knot — whether fans see that happen on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale is still unknown. A previous report from the Inquisitr states that the couple is already planning to buy a house in his home state of Atlanta, so they seem to be moving forward rather quickly.

Although Mike Fleiss hinted on Twitter that he'd like to see a double wedding happen, he also tweeted that at least one of the three couples who got engaged will get married — whether it's on or off the show is still unknown.

Do you think any of the three couples will stay together and do you think there will be a wedding — or a double wedding — on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale?
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