Josh Murray, Amanda Stanton Attend Aaron Murray’s Football Game, Don’t Hide Relationship

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have made it pretty obvious that they are falling for each other on Bachelor in Paradise. Normally, when a couple finds love on the show, they have to be quiet about it and not let the world know they are together until the show is done airing. These two have not been shy at all about the fact that they are together, though. Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have been spotted out together more than once. Aaron Levine, the sports director of Fox Sports in Seattle, shared about what the couple was up to on his Twitter page.

On Twitter, Aaron wrote, “#BachelorInParadise fans: @amandastantonnn & @JoshAllanMurray were on field postgame in KC. Her cute daughters wore Aaron Murray T-Shirts!”

Amanda has two little girls from a previous relationship, and it is pretty obvious that Josh and Amanda don’t care at all if anyone sees them out in public. They went to this game to watch his brother Aaron Murray play, and they knew there would be a huge crowd there.

This isn’t the only time that Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray have been spotted out together. They were seen shopping at Target, but TMZ shared that Josh and Amanda have been out together a few times since the show ended filming. Josh and Amanda were seen with her kids at the Orange County Fair on Thursday night. A source said they wanted to stay undercover until the show was done airing, but her kids really wanted to get out. Of course, people who saw them there took pictures of the two together.

Sources also shared that Josh Murray is living with Amanda Stanton and her kids. This isn’t the plan forever, though. They are in Orange County right now, but the source shared that they have plans to move to Atlanta, where Josh is from. They will eventually buy their own house together there. Amanda and Josh will have to work out all of the custody details with Amanda’s ex, so this could be part of why they haven’t moved yet, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

As the Inquisitr shared, Amanda Stanton’s ex wasn’t very happy when he had to pay child support while he had the kids and she was off meeting Josh Murray on Bachelor in Paradise.

He went to his Facebook page and said, “So if your kids mom is gone all month and kids are with you majority of the month, and she still requests child support? I’m sorry, its not called adult support.”

Of course, Amanda didn’t share her thoughts on what he had to say, but it is obvious that her ex is really involved with her girls. Picking up and moving to Atlanta might not be easy for them.

Right now, it is all about watching Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton fall in love. Josh just showed up last week, and they had their first date. It is pretty obvious that they are doing great together. Spoilers are already out that Josh will propose to Amanda at the end of the show, and she will say yes. It looks like this couple is perfect together, and Josh is fitting in with Amanda’s daughters already. Viewers can’t wait to see how it all plays out on episodes of Bachelor in Paradise each week.

Are you shocked that Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray have been out in public like it is no big deal? Do you think this relationship is one that will last? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

[Image via Amanda Stanton/Instagram]