‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: POV Meeting Results, Paul Toys With Corey, And Paulie Threatens Violence In The ‘BB18’ House

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease the house is still in turmoil with Paulie Calafiore and Corey Brooks facing eviction on Thursday, August 18. Victor Arroyo, the current HOH (Head of Household) won the POV (Power of Veto) and had the power to save one of them from the chopping block. As expected, Victor decided to keep the nominations the same.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paul Abrahamian plans to toy with Corey and make him believe that there’s a chance that he could be evicted with the purpose to keep him frazzled so he won’t do well during the next HOH competition. Paulie crosses the line (again), and tells Nicole Franzel that he “has no problem with punching Victor, James Huling, or Paul in the face” before walking out the door to see Julie Chen on Thursday.

Before the POV meeting, Paulie tried again to get Paul to “talk Victor into” using the Veto to save Corey. Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that he thinks that James should be nominated and believes that he could get the votes to stay if he was against him. Paul tells him that it is a good idea, but it isn’t his decision, and Victor has repeatedly stated he won’t use the Veto. After Paulie leaves the Safri room and Paul tells the dedicated Big Brother live feed viewers that he’s getting tired of the ‘poor me’ routine from Paulie.

“There is some people in this house who are starting to do weird stuff. A lot of sympathy cards, sore loser-eque behavior.. It’s getting old to be honest.. Not a fan of.”

Online Big Brother reports that Nicole agrees that Paulie’s deal to stay was a good one, and it makes sense to backdoor James. Paulie explains that he will not remain in the jury house longer than four days. He says it will “make him go crazy.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Paul advises James and Natalie Negrotti that Paulie will be the one that leaves the house, but they want to make Corey and Nicole believe that he may exit the Big Brother house. They muse that it would be fun to toy with Nicole because she is nervous about the upcoming eviction with Corey on the block.

Online Big Brother reports that Paulie decided that he will campaign to stay because he “can’t roll over and die.” Paulie isn’t sure how to get James to listen to him after targeting him all week. Paul explains that most people aren’t sure who they want to keep, implying Paulie might be safe.

“I love the game and I do want to leave with some respect and dignity.”

Later, Paul tells James that they have to plant seeds of doubt to drive Corey and Paulie apart. Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate they plan to tell Nicole that Paulie has tried to make a deal to send Corey home.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie worries that if he campaigns, the house will call him out for being “shady.” Paulie goes on to say that if someone calls him out on being “shady” by trying to stay in the game, he will “punch them in the face.” Nicole tries to calm him down, but Paulie is visibly agitated.

Joker Updates reports that Nicole confides in Corey that she feels jealous of Paulie and feels pushed out of the friendship. Apparently, Paulie has taken her spot in the bed next to Corey, and it seems as if Corey isn’t talking to her as much. She admits her feelings are not rational and feels stupid for being jealous of him.

Big Brother Network reports that Victor did not use the POV, and Paulie or Corey will leave the house on Thursday.

A good way to settle it would be for all the houseguests, excluding Paulie and Corey to open their cards. If no one has the round trip ticket, it’s safe to assume Corey or Paulie has the ticket. The Big Brother houseguests refuse to open their tickets because they anticipate another double eviction in the next week or two. Just to remind the Big Brother fans, Julie Chen explained that the last day to use the round trip ticket is August 18.

For weeks, Paulie has ruled Big Brother 18 game and has controlled most of the evictions. When it came time for the power to shift and target his alliance, he panicked. Not only did he say he won’t stay in the jury house longer than a few days, but he refused to make pies, which was part of his POV punishment. Eventually, he made a few pies after ignoring Big Brother and called him to make pies for most of the evening on Sunday. Paulie seems to believe that he was going to win Big Brother and hadn’t considered that he might end up at the jury house for a good part of the summer.

So far, Paulie has remained calm today. Many Big Brother live feed viewers predicted he might flip out after Victor refused to take Corey off the block and name James as the replacement. The question now is, how will Paulie tolerate the rest of the week knowing he is the primary target for eviction?

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