June 29, 2017
Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories: Rigged Election Prompts Calls For Voter Fraud Poll Watchers

The 2016 elections are steeped in conspiracy theories, and Donald Trump is not immune. While Hillary Clinton's campaign is shrouded in conspiracy theories regarding her health, Donald Trump believes he is fighting a rigged election and voter fraud. Trump is so afraid he will lose the election due to fraud, he has issued a call to his supporters to sign up as voter poll watchers. Has Donald Trump gone too far with his latest conspiracy theory? Is Donald Trump correct and if he loses the election will it be due to voter fraud?

There is a new page on the official Donald J. Trump website, where supporters may volunteer as an election observer. What exactly would an entry and exit poll watcher do? Is it legal to watch voters as they cast their vote? Find out what Donald Trump is asking his supporters to do and find out if it's constitutional.

When visiting the Donald Trump website, you can enter "lp" after the URL and access a number of different promotions and opportunities where Trump is looking for people to sign up. Currently, there is a place to sign up for information on how Trump plans to defeat ISIS, a chance to win a dinner with Donald Trump, and a chance to win lunch with Eric Trump and tour Trump campaign headquarters. You can also sign up on the page to become a Trump poll watcher to help combat voter fraud. Is Trump correct or is he reacting to a conspiracy theory?

Here are several videos highlighting Donald Trump speaking about voter fraud, rigged elections and his belief there is a conspiracy against him in his run for office.

President Obama responded to allegations the 2016 election would be rigged. The recent WikiLeaks email dump showing that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had slanted their efforts in Clinton's favor and against Bernie Sanders hasn't help calm concerns that the election is rigged.
According to a report by the Washington Post, Trump's plan for voter watchers could mean trouble for the GOP. While the country feels that voter fraud is something that in fact not only exists, but needs to be dealt with, voter intimidation is just as serious. Trump's call for bringing in law enforcement officials to the voting polls to ensure people are only voting once has some voters feeling uncomfortable. Is Trump overreacting, or does he have a legitimate point? Should there be more accountability at the voting booth? Do people need to be taken into custody if they're seen voting more than once?

What might be disconcerting is that due to modern technology, Trump's supporters who want to ensure their candidate gets a fair shot, might resort to filming voters as they enter and exit the voting booth. This would clearly be questionable and result in many people feeling as if Trump's supporters were intimidating them and violating their civil rights.

Some theorize that Trump's claim there is a conspiracy against him and the general election will be rigged might backfire against him. The belief is if his supporters believe there isn't a chance he will win, they won't turn out to vote. Trump is firing up his supporters, but some pose additional questions. Suppose the election isn't rigged and Trump loses to Clinton fair and square. What will happen to all his supporters who are convinced the election was stolen from their candidate? Some fear there will be chaos, protests and possible riots if Trump doesn't win the presidency.

The 2016 elections have been steeped in controversy, conspiracy theories and bad behavior on both sides. People on both ends of the political spectrum have threatened to leave the country if their candidate isn't elected. Allegations that the election will be rigged might result in protests that give way to riots should Clinton win the election.

What do you think? Does Donald Trump have a chance of winning? Are the conspiracy theories true? Will he lose because the election is rigged, and if so, will poll watchers stop voter fraud? Would you sign up as a Donald Trump poll watcher?

[Image via Andrew Cline/Shutterstock]