Chinese Man Steals Motorcycle – Piece by Piece – For 5 Years

A Chinese man was arrested for stealing a motorcycle from the factory where he worked recently. The unusual part is that it took him five years to do it.

Zhang worked as an assembly line worker at a motorcycle manufacturing plant in Chongqing, China. He had always wanted his own motorcycle but on his wages he could never afford to own one. So in 2003, he got the idea to steal all the parts for the bike over a period of time and assemble it at home.

After finally completing the motorcycle with the stolen parts, he took it out for a ride and was immediately pulled over by the police. Upon further investigation, the police discovered that Zhang didn’t have a drivers license, nor did he have ownership papers for the bike.

The man then admitteded to police that he stole the motorcycle. He was fined, put on probation and ordered to return the bike to the factory.

No word on whether Zhang was fired from the motorcycle factory or not.