‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Dating Texas A&M Quarterback

It was just two years ago that Katy Perry was flirting with Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Trevor Knight through the College GameDay football show and said that he should call her, possibly teasing a dating relationship. Now, two years later, Knight is actually dating a very famous person, but it isn’t Katy Perry. According to ESPN, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is dating Trevor Knight.

Trevor is no longer with the Oklahoma Sooners and has transferred to the Texas A&M Aggies. Since he graduated from Oklahoma with a year remaining of his eligibility, he can start immediately. This could cause some friction in the Duck Dynasty house, with Trevor dating Sadie, because the Robertson family are all tried-and-true LSU Tigers fans, and both teams are in the SEC.

The entire Katy Perry claim-to-fame made Trevor Knight an instant national celebrity for a short time. ESPN reported that it took Knight four months to contact Perry after she made the public advancement toward Knight on TV. Trevor said it was because he didn’t have her telephone number, but even after sending her texts, it didn’t work out.

One thing that helps Trevor Knight and Sadie Robertson dating is that they are both very religious people. Knight was never as big on outwardly expressing his religious beliefs, like Tim Tebow, but Trevor never hid from his beliefs and spoke about them to anyone who wanted to know, and dating Sadie will make it even more focal. The Duck Dynasty family, including Sadie, have often been so vocal in their religious beliefs that it has gotten them into trouble on occasion.

Most of the Duck Dynasty controversy has come from Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the successful family. Robertson has been outspoken about his distaste towards LGBT lifestyles, and A&E even suspended him from Duck Dynasty for his comments. The comments caused some sponsors to pull out, but strengthened his fan base among many southerners who believe the same as him.

Now that the Trevor Knight and Sadie Robertson dating relationship has been made public, one has to wonder what the media will do with Trevor during the football season. He has his strong religious beliefs as well, but he has to be careful not to draw attention to controversy during the season as the Aggies’ starting quarterback. Many questions might surround his dating life, since it is with a famous person like Sadie.

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The Inquisitr previously reported that Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is also hinting that he wants to run for President of the United States one day to make big changes. Robertson said that he would oppose same-sex marriage and abortion, two hotbed topics that cause arguments along most lines. One has to wonder how these comments continue to affect his family, although Sadie Robertson has her own strong religious morals, as well.

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is 19-years-old, three years younger than Trevor Knight. She graduated this year from Ouachita Christian School in Monroe, Louisiana. Sadie is now preparing for a career in music, having previously performed with Alison Krauss on the bestselling Duck Dynasty music album, “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas.”

Sadie will launch her Live Original Tour, where she will spread the message of God and how anyone can be the children that God wants them to be. Sadie also appeared in the movie God’s Not Dead 2.

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It seems the Trevor Knight and Sadie Robertson dating relationship is a match made in Heaven. Much like the Duck Dynasty star, Trevor is a strong Christian and Sadie bonded with him over how much the two shared in common when it comes to their Christian faith. Sadie told the Gospel Herald about Trevor’s work with kids around the world and how it attracted her to him, although the dating started later.

“He had messaged me because he goes to Haiti every year on a mission trip, and he saw that I go to Haiti. We just kinda connected through that, very much friends at first.”

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