‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Zingbot Gets The Last Laugh While Nicole Plans Life With Corey Outside The ‘Big Brother’ House

Big Brother 18 has picked up a lot over the last few days. A power move flipped the house and sent Zakiyah out the door, followed by Bridgette behind her on double eviction night. That was also the beginning of the end of Paulie’s BB game. He had successfully been playing the house, and when he was discovered, he lost his cool. Since then, it has been chaos in the house. Victor won the Head of Household (HOH) and decided to nominate Paulie and Corey for eviction.

The players have been pretty good at figuring out what is happening next in the Big Brother game. They had guessed the double eviction and were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Zingbot for the Power of Veto (POV) competition. As it turns out, they were correct in figuring it out. The POV was a luxury/punishment game, with Victor winning the veto. After it was played, Zingbot arrived to have a little fun with the players. According to Big Brother Leak, James won $5,000 in the competition. This is one of the parts of BB that fans look forward to each year, especially since some of the comments are spot on and hilarious.

Nicole won a trip to anywhere in the country, and she plans to take Corey. Apparently, she believes their relationship will last outside of the Big Brother house. They were discussing where they should go, and both were unsure whether Hawaii was in the country or not. When it came time for Corey’s zing from Zingbot, he talked about Hayden. It seems that Nicole hasn’t been able to play the game without a man by her side. She would much rather lose the prize money and walk away in a relationship instead of worrying about romance outside of the BB house and fighting for the cash. These two couldn’t get over how rude it was that Zingbot brought up Hayden.

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Victor has grown on a lot of Big Brother fans. He has worked hard to earn his keep in the game, especially after battling against everyone to return. Now that he has the power and has made the biggest move yet, things seem to be going well for him. Zingbot decided to be funny and give Victor his zing in Spanish. He called him a “do***bag,” which caught people a little off guard. Every year, there is always one that is a little on the inappropriate side, and this time, Victor was the one who got it.

It has not yet been revealed what the other players got as their zing, but it is anticipated to be a fun episode on Wednesday. With all of the chaos happening in the Big Brother house, fans have been paying attention to the live feeds and spoiler sites. A lot has happened, especially with Paulie. He went from king of the castle to low man on the totem pole. There have been rumors that have indicated he was seeing a psychiatrist before entering the BB house and that he lied about that on his application. As of last night, he was refusing to comply with production about baking his pies from the POV competition and going to the diary room. If it continues, he could be ejected from the game for being insubordinate.

Thursday night’s live eviction is going to be explosive. Paulie is trying everything he can to stay in the Big Brother house. There is also a special Friday night episode that is thought to be a jury buy back. If that is the case, Paulie could make his way back into the BB house and cause more chaos than he already has. It seems like Season 18 is one for the history books, even if it started off slow in the beginning.

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