Chris Soules Calls Himself A ‘Lame Horse’ After Whitney Bischoff Engagement

Chris Soules has been working on his farm since he ended his stint on The Bachelor last year. Despite getting engaged on the season finale, things didn’t work out. Chris went on the show to find love because he had a hard time meeting girls in Arlington, Iowa. All of the girls who applied to be on his season of the show knew about his situation, and some people were more than willing to give up their homes and their careers to live in the middle of nowhere. These days, Soules is still working on the farm, but it sounds like he has created some awesome friendships in the Bachelor family.

According to a new tweet, Chris Soules is now revealing that he has no problem making fun of himself, even when it means calling himself names. And it all started with a tweet that Bachelor in Paradise star Jade Talbot shared over the weekend about going shopping.

Becca! Ben is not single anymore… but I am.

— Chris Soules (@souleschris) August 7, 2016

“I’m almost 30 & bought two shirts from Forever 21 and was cat-called by high school boys. Don’t know if this is a high or low moment for me,” Jade Talbot tweeted over the weekend, to which producer Elan Gale wrote back, “wild stallion.”

“I wish people called me a ‘wild stallion’ I think I’m more like a lame horse that should be put down,” Chris Soules added to the conversation, calling himself a lame horse.

“I think of you more as a cackling dolphin,” Elan wrote back to Chris, who replied with, “I still have figure out what I would call you. I think a cross between a kuala and a bat-shit crazy monkey.”

Of course, Chris Soules has tried to date here and there, but it doesn’t sound like he has anyone who he can bring home to the farm. He still wants to get married and have children, but Soules has hinted that he may be single for the rest of his life. Even though he is still open to finding love, his past experiences may have changed his mind about the ladies in Arlington.

While Soules is still looking for a woman for the farm and calling himself a “lame horse” on social media, his ex-girlfriend is now happily engaged. Whitney Bischoff met a man named Ricky in Chicago and the two of them are happily engaged.

“It was just perfect,” Whitney Bischoff recently told People magazine after she got engaged, adding, “I was completely shocked. Ricky got me good! I was so happy that I couldn’t quit smiling. My cheeks hurt!”

Whitney has learned quite a bit from her Bachelor experience, and she really wanted to work things out with Chris. But after being together for a few months, the two split up. Soules was competing on Dancing with the Stars, and the two started growing apart. Chris and Whitney announced their split just months after announcing their engagement. Despite her history with the show, Bischoff learned a few things.

“I was still a little bit broken and trying to pick up the pieces. But from day one there was open communication with Ricky about what I had gone through. I think one of the reasons I fell in love so quickly is that I could say everything and know I was not being judged,” Chris Soules’ ex-girlfriend revealed about the entire Bachelor experience, adding, “That journey was a big part of my life. But since I’ve met Ricky, I really haven’t looked back.”

What do you think about Chris Soules calling himself a “lame horse” on Twitter? Do you think he has a lack of confidence after learning that Whitney Bischoff has gotten engaged?

[Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]