Caila Quinn Shows Up On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Will She Find Love Or Just Drama?

Tonight on Bachelor in Paradise it is time for Caila Quinn to show up and join the show. Everyone loves Caila and would like to see her find love on the show. With Caila joining the show comes a lot of drama, though. Some people are not a big fan of her. Us Magazine shared what you can expect to see tonight on Bachelor in Paradise.

Caila Quinn got close to winning the heart of Ben Higgins, and then there was a lot of talk about her being The Bachelorette, but they picked JoJo Fletcher instead. Now Caila will have a chance to find love on Bachelor in Paradise. Nick Viall thinks that Caila is really good looking and Jared Haibon adds, “Caila is beautiful. She looks gorgeous — she’s got a great body.” The men seem thrilled that she is there, but the girls don’t all feel the same way about Caila showing up.

Izzy Goodkind is going to speak out and share her thoughts. She is not happy about Caila being there. When she shows up, she says “I think Caila does have the potential to break up a couple. It’s a little nerve-racking knowing that these guys could be kind of blown away by her.” Lace even says she might have to slap Caila if she decides to ask her man, Grant Kemp, out on a date.

Now, everyone wants to know if Caila Quinn finds love on Bachelor in Paradise. Reality Steve was able to figure it out. When Caila shows up, she will go on a date with Jared Haibon right away. Ashley I. will talk to Jared on this episode also, and they will decide they are just friends. This leaves Caila Quinn open to take him out, but you know some women won’t be happy about it.

Things go well between Caila Quinn and Jared Haibon on their date. He will end up giving her his rose at the rose ceremony, which keeps her around another week. That doesn’t mean they stay together, though. On the next episode, Brett Melnick will show up and then he will ask Caila Quinn on a date. She must not be sure about her relationship with Jared because she tells him yes and goes on the date. It will be a double date. Brett asks Izzy first, but she turns him down because of how things are going with her and Vinny.

It doesn’t look like Caila Quinn finds love on the show this season, though. Reality Steve shared the details of how it will go down for her.

“During this episode, Caila decides to leave because she doesn’t like all the drama going on, and Jared leaves with her since there’s no one else he’s interested in. I’m hearing these two are going to try to date in the real world, but it’s probably not going to last since I’m hearing Caila really isn’t all that interested in him.”

It would be pretty surprising if Caila Quinn and Jared end up together after the show. You just never know what will happen. Considering that she left the show because of drama, it would be pretty surprising if we ever see Caila Quinn on another reality show in the future. She may just have to go back to the traditional way of finding love and see if that works out for her.

Are you shocked to hear that Caila Quinn won’t find love on Bachelor in Paradise? Did you think that this was the time she would find love? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday night on ABC.

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