‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Faces Questions From Jason, Nelle’s Presence Creates Buzz, And Kiki And Morgan’s Relationship Generates Drama

What is coming up on Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that Jason will be pushing Sam to tell him what is bothering her while things grow complicated for Kiki and Morgan. Michael is facing some challenging moments as well in the August 15 show and viewers have a lot to look forward to in this one.

Sam is pregnant and while this is wonderful news, she has been hesitant to tell Jason because of the malaria scare. However, he can tell that she is holding something back from him and General Hospital spoilers tease that he will be trying to get her to tell him what is worrying her during Monday’s show.

Will Sam keep hiding this stunning news or reveal the exciting surprise? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Jason will be getting major news during this episode, and it sounds as if he will soon be learning about the pregnancy. The two will, of course, be thrilled, but it sounds as if they will remain cautious for now as they wait to see if the pregnancy moves forward smoothly.

Nelle surprised everybody in Port Charles by showing up and sharing that she may be Josslyn’s kidney donor, and her arrival has definitely shaken things up. We Love Soaps shares General Hospital spoilers noting that Carly will be making an introduction during this next show, and it sounds like this involves Nelle and perhaps Nina.

Viewers are already buzzing about the possibilities that emerge by adding Nelle to the canvas. People have been quick to pick up on the chemistry she seems to share with Michael, and some fans are speculating that she could end up being a surprise daughter of Nina’s or have a significant connection to someone else on the canvas.

Kiki and Morgan are trying to move ahead with a relationship again, but they are encountering plenty of obstacles. Ava is not happy to see the two together and she has been meddling to try to drive the two apart. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava will see a tense moment between Kiki and Morgan, and she will surely use this to fuel her schemes.

In addition to Ava nudging Kiki to move on, General Hospital spoilers note that Dillon and Morgan will be butting heads over Kiki again too. Dillon still has strong feelings for her and wasn’t pleased to see her reunite with Morgan, and the two men will needle one another about the situation once again. Will she stay with her current beau or does Dillon still have a chance?

Sabrina and Michael have been trying to work through their issues, but having Carlos’ twin, Joe, arrive in Port Charles has certainly shaken things up a bit. General Hospital spoilers hint that something new regarding Sabrina and Joe is about to emerge and this leaves Michael struggling.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers detail that Alexis will face her disbarment hearing and there is trouble ahead for Kristina and Molly’s relationship. Elizabeth and Franco seemingly reconnect, but will they move ahead with a romance? In addition, Maxie is working on her wedding plans, but Claudette and Griffin’s big secret may turn everything upside down.

Will Sam and Jason be adding a healthy baby to the family? Is Kiki destined to be with Dillon or is Morgan the man for her? What is the truth about Nelle and the kidney transplant, and how long will she stick around Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are juicy moments on the way that fans will be anxious to see where things head next.

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