Amy Schumer: Comedian Gets Candid In New Book

Amy Schumer has had incredible success as a stand-up comedian as well as an actor in movies and on TV. Now the 35-year-old is venturing into publishing with the launch of her new book The Girl with the Lower Back Tatoo.

Amy Schumer’s 314-page book is mostly about her own personal story. The star of the movie Trainwreck and the TV show Inside Amy Schumer offers various revelations about her past.

In the book, Schumer says that her mother left her dad to be with Amy’s best friend’s father. Her parents have both been married three times. Amy’s dad has suffered from multiple sclerosis for many years. She lost her virginity at 17 and claims it wasn’t consensual. Schumer met current boyfriend Ben Hanisch on a dating app. She also suffered from an abusive physical and emotional relationship in her early 20s, according to People.

Another episode in her life recounts the press tour around the world that she took as part of the promotion of the comedy Trainwreck. Schumer recounts the tedious routine, as she had to answer the same questions asked hundreds of times. The questioning also got too personal and uncomfortable, reports the Washington Post. Some journalists asked Schumer about her real-life sexual escapades. The actor said that “the slut shaming was off the charts.”

Much of the material from the book came from journal entries Schumer made from the ages of 13 to 23. She has been working on the book for five years, she told ABC News. Amy said that going back into her past notes was painful but that it was a labor of love and she is proud of the new publication.

Amy Schumer continues to keep her incredibly busy work pace. Inside Amy Schumer has been a success and was renewed for a fifth season. She has received Emmy nominations for that show, as well as for an HBO stand-up special. Her photo has appeared on the cover of Vogue. She also is finishing a new movie starring alongside Goldie Hawn.

As well as a biography, the book has some political messages. One is a call for female empowerment. Schumer recalls that reporters kept referring to her as a “funny woman” instead of just “funny.” She acknowledges the many comments about her appearance and lifestyle. In one section, Amy is defiant, writing that only she will decide how strong or beautiful she is and will not apologize about her life to anyone, reveals the Chicago Tribune.

In another section, Schumer advocates for better gun control in the United States. She has been outspoken on the issue since July 2015, when two women were shot and killed going to see Trainwreck by a man in Lafayette, Louisiana. Nine others were wounded in that attack. Schumer has also appeared with Senator and relative Chuck Schumer to push for more gun control regulations.

Amy Schumer’s new book is in many ways similar to the rest of her career in comedy. She can be raunchy and crude, but also serious and emotional. The book is said to be both extremely funny at times, as well as moving to read. In particular, Schumer’s relationship with her parents are a difficult part of her life. Her mother’s affair caused an emotional separation with Amy that has yet to heal completely. Her father’s decline and continuing struggle with MS has been tough for Amy to witness. It made her realize that life can be out of our control.

Schumer grew up in New York City. She was the oldest of three children. The career in comedy began in the mid-2000s and worked her way up at various New York venues. Amy’s real break came in 2007, when she placed fourth on the show Last Comic Standing. In 2011, Schumer released a debut comic album called Cutting. She also received recognition after performing at a televised roast of Charlie Sheen.

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