Karen Bordador: Philippine Radio DJ Arrested And Charged In Drug Raid

Philippine radio DJ Karen Bordador was arrested and charged with drug trafficking following a raid of her boyfriend’s condominium. According to reports, authorities entered Emilio Lim’s condo during a “drug buy-bust operation.” Once inside, they discovered numerous illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia commonly associated with trafficking.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Karen Bordador is a popular model, a radio DJ for Monster Radio RX 93.1, and reality television star. According to her personal website, she also founded Sister Secrets, which is an online community where women share beauty, fashion, and shopping tips.

As reported by Manila Times, Bordador’s current boyfriend, Emilio Lim, is a prolific drug dealer, who is accused of supplying several upscale clubs in Bonifacio Global City and Makati with popular party drugs, including Ecstasy.

Lim’s suspected activities are a specific concern because a majority of his clients are reportedly college students and teenagers.

After receiving a tip from an informant, authorities planned a “drug buy-bust operation” focusing on Emilio Lim. During a subsequent raid of his condominium, the officers found nearly $65,000 worth of Ecstasy pills, marijuana, and marijuana oil.

In addition to the illegal drugs, authorities confiscated an undisclosed amount of cash and a bill counting machine.

Emilio Lim and his girlfriend Karen Bordador, who was also present during the raid, were both arrested and are being charged with drug possession and trafficking under the country’s Dangerous Drugs Act.

At the time of her arrest, Karen said she “wasn’t doing anything” and was simply visiting her boyfriend when the raid occurred. However, authorities confirmed the celebrity DJ had several Ecstasy pills in her possession.

National Capital Region Police Office spokesperson Chief Inspector Kimberly Molitas confirmed Emilio Lim and Karen Bordador were under surveillance for approximately three weeks prior to their arrest. However, she could not confirm whether there is any evidence that Borador is an active participant in her boyfriend’s suspected drug trafficking operation.

Earlier reports about the arrest named Karen’s former boyfriend, Chris Tan, as the man who was arrested amid the raid. However, as reported by Inquirer, the businessman immediately halted the rumors, as he does not want to be associated with the serious allegations.

“… it’s a matter of drug dealing and right now with the extrajudicial killings happening, I’m scared that somebody might claim I’m the drug dealer, you know the lynch mob mentality… I might be walking and then suddenly people might mob me and do something to me.”

Although Karen Bordador and Chris Tan had a highly-publicized relationship, which was documented in the reality television program “I Do,” Tan said he and the celebrity DJ broke up in January, 2015.

According to Tan, Karen and Emilio have been dating since April or May, 2015.

Chris Tan said he never actually met Emilio Lim and he has no knowledge about his alleged drug trafficking activities or Karen Bordador’s possible involvement. Tan said he is generally “a very private person,” and simply does not want his name associated with the scandal.

Although the news organizations that named Chris Tan as the suspect have redacted their stories, the businessman said he plans to file a lawsuit. In addition to naming him as suspected drug dealer, several agencies posted his photo labeled with Emilio Lim’s name.

I have ZERO sympathy for making poor life decisions, especially when you’re sleeping with a Druggie. RIP Career of DJ Karen Bordador.

— Paolo A. (@OdeiraOloap) August 15, 2016

Reactions to Karen Bordador’s arrest have varied. Although some fans have expressed shock and a degree of sympathy, others have suggested she was involved in her boyfriend’s illegal activities and that her career as a celebrity radio DJ and a model may be over.

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