'Salem' Season 3 Spoilers: New Witches, Cotton Is Not The New George Sibley, John Alden Changed -- Will Mary Kill Her Son? Plus, The Tunnels Are Important

Taylor Rios

Salem Season 3 will premiere on WGN this October. After the deaths that occurred on the season finale, fans are wondering what can be expected when the witch series returns. In addition to two video clips, there is new information. Find out everything that is known so far about Mary Sibley, Cotton Mather, and the rest of the characters.

There are Salem Season 3 spoilers ahead. If you do not want any information on what to expect when the series returns to WGN, then stop reading now.

On the season finale, Mary died when she collapsed next to her true love, John Alden (Shane West). As she lay down next to John, who was dead, she let the blood drip from her neck into his mouth. As fans expected, he eventually woke up, but Mary was dead. However, don't expect the witch to stay that way. She will be resurrected, but what kind of person will Mary be when she comes back to life? There is also the question of whether Mary's blood resurrecting John will change him.

Most viewers have already seen the Salem Season 3 teaser clip featuring Marilyn Manson as Thomas Dinley. At Comic-Con 2016, the trailer was released, which goes into more detail about Mary, John, and the other characters. It is hinted that when one raises the dead, it isn't known what kind of being will return. Will Mary actually be the Mary fans remember, will she be full of fury and more powerful than before, or will she be conflicted, confused, a mixture of herself, and something darker?

Last season on Salem, Anne (Tamzin Merchant) married Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel). However, when he found out his wife was a witch, he didn't react very well. Cotton was ready to walk out the door, so Anne put her familiar, a rat, inside of him. Many believed Cotton would be rendered useless and would be the new George Sibley. However, it was revealed that this is not Cotton's storyline. Unlike George, there will be a lot going inside and outside of Mather.

Adam Simon explained this to Zap2It and added that there is more to their story in Season 3.

"[Anne and Cotton's] story is not over … he has been Sibley'd, as it were, but do not think for a moment that he's going to be sitting in that wheelchair just paralyzed. There is going to be a lot going on inside him and outside him with what he's doing and what they're doing. So that's going to be very, very central next season."

As fans know, Anne struggled with the decision to stop Cotton Mather. However, in her mind, she is just protecting him. This is the complete opposite of why Mary Sibley shoved her familiar, a toad, inside her husband. Tamzin Merchant's character on Salem is conflicted about a lot of things. She is one of those people that has the best intentions, but sometimes things go wrong. Expect some of this in Season 3.

"There's an underground in Salem, literal and figurative. The town of Salem has tunnels all over the place, this is true. Smuggling tunnels, all kinds of things — and who those tunnels belong to, what their purpose is, what is really going on in Salem on the Puritan side as well as on the witch side is going to be a great fun thing that we're going to get deep into."

The biggest question about Salem Season 3 has to do with Mary Sibley and her son, who is really the devil. In the upcoming season, all hell will break loose, and the devil will make sure that the town destroys itself. When Mary comes back to life, will she be able to kill him? Before she wouldn't have been able to. However, she now knows that little John really isn't her son. Why is he so insistent that Mary stays by his side, especially when there are other witches that would blindly obey him? Is it because the dark side never had all of Mary Sibley? Remember, the old witches were upset that she never could get rid of her heart and her love for John Alden. This could be one reason why, but there has to be more of a story about the devil's insistence on having Mary close to him.

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