Man’s Broken Heart Inexplicably Healed

Nebraska student Michael Crowe thought he had the flu. He went to the doctor, who told him to get some rest and drink lots of fluids, but nothing seemed to be improving. Crowe’s mother, Margie, took him home with her to take care of him. Two days later, she walked into the room and saw her son “stiff on the couch,” reports LiveWell Nebraska. Soon, Crowe was,

“Frozen – with his eyes open. Margie shook him. He snapped out of it… Again, he froze. Stiff as a statue. Eyes open. Margie shook her son and hit his face. Michael felt the slaps but was unable to speak. Ten seconds later, he came around.”

According to The Stir,“Crowe was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with acute myocarditis,” an inflammation of the heart. The condition is unusual, but can be caused by a viral infection, is life-threatening. Doctors told Crowe’s family that his only hope was a heart transplant. In a matter of days, the 23-year-old’s heart had gone from perfectly healthy to only working at 10% capacity, and his internal organs were beginning to shut down.

Finally, a heart was available. But suddenly, Crowe – who was hooked up to a machine that would take over the functions of his heart – developed blood poisoning. Essentially, his heart was toxic, and was therefore ineligible for a transplant.

“Our joy of ‘Yay, there’s a heart!’ went to devastation,” Crowe’s sister, Christy, told LiveWell Nebraska.

News of Michael’s health spread, and through the family’s church soon over 3,000 people were praying for Crowe’s health to return.

An hour after blood poisoning deterred the heart transplant, Crowe’s cardiologist, Dr. Eugenia Raichlin, noticed something odd: Crowe’s blood pressure was up. This was odd because the heart-lung machine that was keeping Crowe alive should have kept his blood pressure steady.

LiveWell Nebraska reports that Crowe was “switched to a machine that assisted only the right side of his heart. After four days, his heart worked on its own.”

No transplant. No surgery.

His broken heart just got better. Crowe’s family, according to The Huffington Post, “has credited the ‘exceptional medical care Michael received and the amazing power of prayer’ as being two major factors behind the young man’s recovery.”

Even Crowe’s doctors are calling his recovery a “miracle,” claims The Stir. And although Crowe “will have to take medications and follow a low-sodium diet for some time, an MRI showed no ‘permanent damage or scars.'”

LiveWell Nebraska reports that when doctors removed Crowe’s breathing tube and brought him out of sedation, he asked his sister Christy, “‘Where’s my scar?’ He’d assumed doctors had performed the transplant.”

But he hadn’t needed one. His heart had mended itself.