Gretchen Rossi’s Relationship Questioned Again: Is Slade Really Just Using Her?

Gretchen Rossi left The Real Housewives of Orange County a few years ago, and it sounds like she's been working on her businesses since leaving the show. But a few months ago, Bravo decided to create a Real Housewives of Orange County special, where the ladies from the show's eighth season could come back and discuss the controversy that happened during that specific season. And this was the season where Gretchen left the show, got engaged to Slade Smiley, and had all of her friends question her relationship with him and her intentions with the engagement. And since that episode, people have been questioning Rossi's relationship with Slade.

According to a new Instagram post, Gretchen Rossi isn't really paying too much attention to the haters these days. She's been in Alaska visiting her future husband's side of the family and filming a new show called Fresh Off the Glacier, according to Radar Online. Even though Rossi doesn't really talk to her fans about her relationship with Smiley, it does sound like she's ready to get married to him and spend the rest of her life with him.

"Slade with his sister Terri! So great to meet his whole Dads side of the family this trip #Alaska," Gretchen Rossi revealed in an Instagram post recently, revealing that the couple was visiting Slade's family in Alaska.

Shockingly, some people decided to comment on Gretchen Rossi's picture, writing that while they were fans of her, they did not approve of Slade. Some of these people were desperate to get a comment from her and couldn't hold back when it came to slamming Smiley.

"Tell us what really happened with you leaving the show, no renewal, why, to much stress, selling enough of pocketbooks to pay the bills, 2nd job maybe, and you answer me the other day, thank you, I don't dislike you at all, I find you to be a beautiful girl, inside and out, but Slade, noooo, not good enough for you, he might kiss your ass, but guess what, to old for you, you want children, not with him, to old," one person named Gayle wrote to Gretchen Rossi.

Despite the grammar and spelling mistakes, people took notice of the post, writing back that her comments were extremely rude and uncalled for. People who watched Rossi on The Real Housewives of Orange County understand that he has been a huge support for her, including helping her with her business and being there for her throughout the drama with the other ladies. Even though many people think that he's using her, they forget that Gretchen Rossi was the one who proposed to Smiley. Plus, if he was really using her, he would have left her after The Real Housewives of Orange County ended. Many have wondered if she will be back on the show, but it sounds like she has no interest in going back on the show.

"Woahh.. Gayle thats an extremely rude question and comment about Slade from someone who says they like her," one person wrote back in defense of Gretchen Rossi, adding, "He has stood beside her and helped her build her business and has supported every thing she has ever wanted. Slade went through a hell I wouldn't wish on anyone. His son suffered illness after illness and operations. These 2 have stuck through things that would tear others apart. Especially with them both being in the public eye."

What do you think of the criticism Gretchen Rossi is getting over her relationship? Do you think Slade is really using her, or do you think they have proven that they are indeed meant to be?

[Photo by Alison Buck/Getty Images]