Miley Cyrus Dragged Into 'Racist' Twitter Drama As Exo K-Pop Fans Trend #RIPMileyCyrus

Miley Cyrus fans received a shock on August 15 after discovering that the hashtag #RIPMileyCyrus was trending on Twitter.

The viral trend caused a whole lot of confusion on the social media site, with a slew of Miley fans worrying that the star may have passed away, but it turns out that the Cyrus drama was actually caused by angry K-pop fans who accused the singer's followers of being "racist" towards fans of the South Korean music genre.

Miley and K-pop fans both attempted to explain the confusion on the 140-character site on August 15, claiming that the pretty bizarre drama was actually caused by one of Cyrus's followers and not Miley herself.

"For those who wanted to know: a Miley Cyrus fan who stated: 'Kpop is only known in Asia' + other racist comments. #RIPMileyCyrus," @xVisualee tweeted out, and Twitter user @_anamahmed_ explained that "a Miley Cyrus fan attacked the KPOP fandom being all racist and judgemental and now the KPOP fandom is dragging them."

Other K-pop followers even accused Miley's fans of starting the #RIPMileyCyrus hashtag.

"Miley stans started this ugly hashtag and then blamed K-pop fans," Twitter user @SurongQ alleged. "K-Pop stans didn't do anything wrong. All they did is defend their idols from racist comments."

According to UnrealityTV, the Miley trend came after Justin Bieber found himself entwined in the K-pop drama after photos surfaced from a past concert in Tokyo, Japan.

The site revealed that before Cyrus found herself the subject of a viral hashtag. The hashtag #exosnatchedjustinsfansparty trended on the social media site after fans of the K-pop band Exo took to Twitter to claim that the band was more popular than Bieber.

Fans were quick to point out that both once had concerts on the same night in Tokyo, uploading photos from both concerts that appeared to show that Bieber's concert looked to be pretty empty next to Exo's sold-out attendance.

"The picture showed [Justin]'s venue almost empty while Exo's venue was packed. So the user assumed fans chose Exo over [Justin] but it's all wrong," the site reported. "The picture was taken after [Justin's] concert ended. A lot of fans went to Exo AFTER [Bieber]."

Fans were quick to rush to Bieber's defence as the photo went viral, which allegedly is when K-pop fans turned their attention to Miley after a Cyrus fan supposedly claimed on Twitter that the South Korean music genre wasn't popular outside of Asia.

Miley Cyrus Dragged Into 'Racist' Twitter Drama As K-pop Fans Trend #RIPMileyCyrus
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K-Pop followers then launched a pretty scathing Twitter attack on Miley Cyrus and her fans despite Cyrus staying mum on her official account as the drama swirled on social media.

"'Kpop is only known in Asia' So all those international fans live in Asia now? #RipMileyCyrus," @afiqahahmadlee tweeted amid the drama, and Twitter user @RareBeautyGems wrote, "Wait - I know what Kpop is, and #RIPMileyCyrus doesn't? Her handlers didn't prep her well. I knew I didn't like her. She's an idiot."

"Miley stans realizing they have no other comebacks besides racist ones #RIPMileyCyrus," @ultbighit added.

But while some K-pop followers slammed Cyrus on the social media site, others rushed to Miley's defence.

Miley Cyrus Dragged Into 'Racist' Twitter Drama As K-pop Fans Trend #RIPMileyCyrus
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"KPOP stans do you even know who is Miley Cyrus? Well she can buy ya'll and your faves combine, double and triple. #RIPMileyCyrus," @AnaSanzPizza hit back, and @GeorgeIsTooCool claimed, "K-pop fans trying to become relevant so have to use Miley because people actually know who she is #RIPMileyCyrus."

"Kpop stans really think their faves are better that Miley Cyrus, a legend. #RIPMileyCyrus," Cyrus fan @inkedmileyray then tweeted.

Miley has yet to respond to the drama.

What do you think of the drama surrounding Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and K-pop fans on social media?

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