‘No Man’s Sky’ Xbox One Confirmed? PC And PS4 Game Could Come To Xbox One Hints ​Hello Games’ Sean Murray

No Man’s Sky is one of this year’s highest-profile releases on PC and PS4, but the game could come to Microsoft’s Xbox One after all. Whilst Hello Games initially said they had no plans to bring the space exploration game to Xbox One, Sean Murray appears to be hinting that a release is a future possibility. However, that could be something to do with the mixed reaction No Man’s Sky has received on PlayStation 4 and PC, with many critics claiming it doesn’t live up to expectations.

That being said, according to Digital Spy, Xbox One owners shouldn’t give up on the idea of playing No Man’s Sky on their console just yet. Hello Games initially confirmed the space exploration game exclusively for PS4 and PC and given Microsoft’s strict exclusivity policy, an Xbox One release didn’t appear to be on the table. Microsoft demands that Xbox must have first or equal rights to a release date, making it very difficult for Hello Games to release No Man’s Sky on PS4 and PC before releasing it on Xbox One at a later date.

However, founder of Hello Games and lead developer on No Man’s Sky Sean Murray has been somewhat cagey about the possibility of the game coming to Xbox One. When asked about the possibility in a recent interview, Murray said that he needed to be “very specific with my words” and wasn’t sure exactly what he was allowed to say at the time.

Whilst Sean Murray didn’t go so far as to confirm No Man’s Sky for Xbox One, he didn’t rule it out. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that the idea of an Xbox One release is on the table for Hello Games, however, they’d first need Microsoft to waive their strict policy around Xbox One releases. However, given the promising early sales that No Man’s Sky has seen, coupled with a struggling Xbox One, Microsoft might feel inclined to make an exception here, in order to prevent the Xbox One from missing out on such a prominent title.


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Murray was undeniably pretty cagey when it comes to the topic of No Man’s Sky on Xbox One, however, according to Gamepur, he was more than happy to talk about the possibility of the title coming to Sony’s improved hardware, the PlayStation 4 Neo.

Murray has already envisaged what No Man’s Sky would look like on the improved hardware, saying, “If you play another game and if they do a remaster of that game, what they will do is up-res the textures and things like that, [but] for our game, it’s procedurally generated. So more powerful hardware doesn’t just mean upgraded textures or a higher framerate. It means we can fundamentally change the experience.”

Whilst No Man’s Sky has seen a good deal of success in terms of sales during its launch week, the title has received criticism for not living up to initial expectations. Hello Games has been lambasted for removing multiplayer functionality from the title, along with a number of other post-release issues.

In a recent blog post, No Man’s Sky developer Sean Murray confirmed that they were busy working on fixes to many of those post-release issues. Whilst Hello Games is able to do little to change the fact that No Man’s Sky is a little feature-light compared to what was planned, they are able to fix some of the initial bugs that players have reported within the game. However, a shaky release could provide Hello Games with the opportunity to release an improved version of No Man’s Sky on Xbox One.

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