Matt Lauer Will Allegedly Be Asked To Take A Pay Cut If Ratings Don’t Improve

Matt Lauer will allegedly be asked to take a cut in his reported $25 million salary if TODAY does not increase ratings by the November sweeps. The all-important May and November sweeps periods determine how much networks can charge for advertising rates. Lauer was called an “Anchor Animal” by an alleged show insider, who claimed pressure on theset has tensions running high.

The long-time TODAY anchor is currently under contract, so a salary downsizing would be entirely voluntary. A Radar Online source maintains that if Lauer does not agree to reduce his massive annual pay, others who work on the NBC show will lose their jobs.

The source had this to say about the ratings and salary worries:

“Comcast, which now owns NBC Universal, is going through the budgets of each show and right now, they are focusing on the news division. Matt’s salary is the biggest part of the TODAY show’s budget and with Good Morning America now routinely beating them, it’s just had to justify the salary.”

The anchor’s popularity is reportedly in a free fall. Q Scores place Matt Lauer’s fan approval down 25 percent during the past 12 months. The Q Scores system is reportedly one of the most important factors companies review when deciding how to spend their advertising dollars, he New York Daily News reports. The morning show host’s popularity figures allegedly mirrored the results of a recent internal study conducted by NBC.

Q Scores Executive Vice President Hnery Schafer had this to say about the morning host’s latest numbers:

“It raises a flag. These morning shows are driven by personalities, so there’s a real challenge out there for NBC News.”

Lauer’s likeability decline encompasses the departure of both Meredith Vieira and Ann Curry.