Usain Bolt’s Mom Wants Him To Focus On Finding A Wife After The Olympics

Usain Bolt has made history as the only sprinter to ever win three Olympic gold medals in the 100 meters, but his mom wants him to chase after a wife after his running career is finished.

In a recent interview, Jennifer Bolt, Usain’s mom, told CNN’s Don Riddle that she’s ready for her son to give her some grandchildren after he’s done with the Olympics.

“I would hope he’ll settle down, get married and start his family,” she said. “I know he’ll settle down because he has said it. “He told me many times that he’s going to start his family.”

During the interview, Jennifer chatted about how it feels to be the mother of the fastest man in the world.

“It’s really, you know, a pleasure knowing that we have the fastest man as our son because we get to go out, we do lots of interviews, get to go places,” she said. “It’s really a pleasure. It’s happy and feeling good.”

One of the things she loves most is seeing how the crowds react to her son, Usain.

“Oh I’m so overwhelmed… the joy… sometimes I cry,” she said of all the cheering Bolt receives when he races. “The tears are coming out within me. It’s just tears of joy.”

Usain Bolt is known for being very confident and carefree before his races. But his mom said that he wasn’t always like that. When he was younger, Bolt would sometimes cry before running and his mother would have to console him so he could go out on the track.

“When I talked with him he stopped crying and I think he thought about it and he said: ‘OK mom, I’m going to do my best,'” Jennifer Bolt said.

“I said the Lord is with you and I’m gonna pray for you and he just goes out there and when I saw the race I saw him in front and the crowd started to shout his name,” Jennifer continued.

Bolt definitely seems to have gotten used to dealing with nerves and the crowd shouting his name. In Rio on Sunday night, Usain ran a 9.81 second 100 meter final to defend the Olympic gold he picked up in London four years ago.

“Somebody said I can become immortal. Two more medals to go and I can sign off. Immortal,” Bolt said to the BBC after the race. “It wasn’t perfect today, but I got it done and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved – nobody else has done it or even attempted it.”

Justin Gatlin who, as the BBC reports, has been banned twice for doping came in second. Andre de Grasse of Canada took bronze and beat Bolt’s teammate, Jamaican Yohan Blake.

If Bolt maintains his performance and wins gold in the 200 meters and men’s 4×100 meter relay, he will have won nine Olympic gold medals in a stellar sprinting career that’s already one for the history books.

“I expected to go faster, but I’m happy that I won. I did what I had to,” Bolt said of his win in the 100 meters in Rio.

Bolt did have a slow start out of the blocks and trailed behind American Justin Gatlin for the early portion of the race. But, as the BBC reports, around the 60 meter mark, Bolt surged past Gatlin and cruised ahead of the pack to secure gold.

“It wasn’t about the time, it was just about winning the gold and going out on top,” said Michael Johnson, four-time Olympic champion, in his commentary for BBC Sport.

We’ll next see Bolt competing in the qualifying rounds for the 200 meters on Tuesday and then the 4×100 meter relay on Friday.

[Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images]