Tom Cruise Washes His Hands Of Daughter Suri, And Why He Once Fired A Safety Expert

Tom Cruise has reportedly not seen his daughter Suri for almost three years due to his involvement with the Church of Scientology. According to E! Online, Suri Cruise enjoyed a weekend in New York City with her mom Katie Holmes as they went out to watch Finding Neverland.

Tom Cruise’s daughter was joined by two of her cousins and her grandma. Suri also had a backstage meet-and-greet with some of the cast members of the production.

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes spoke on what she and Suri love about New York.

“New York has been very good to both of us. I love the theater, the galleries in my neighborhood. Stuff [like] that is so much of what makes me love this city.”

Tom Cruise’s daughter looks more and more like him as she gets older. According to Page Six, Suri Cruise even has Tom’s grin.

The little girl’s striking resemblance to Tom Cruise was seen through photos of Suri during her night out with her mom in New York. Sources also revealed that the Oblivion actor did not celebrate Father’s Day with Suri and Katie, both of whom ended up spending the day with some of their friends in the Hamptons, as he was busy filming The Mummy in Morocco.

Speaking of the upcoming new The Mummy film, Tom Cruise was spotted in London, trapped underneath a bus. According to the Daily Mail, Tom Cruise was in London filming scenes for the new Mummy film.

Bystanders had several interesting stories to tell of witnessing Tom Cruise filming various scenes in and around the streets of London. Some reported seeing the action star running down a busy street, while others told the story of Cruise protecting a fellow actor while filming scenes in front of a giant fan.

According to Movie Fone, after Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast of The Mummy finished filming scenes on the streets of London, the production crew moved across the world to the deserts of Namibia to continue filming.

The upcoming Mummy film, the second film in the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe, will be set in the modern day and stars Tom Cruise in the role of Tyler Croft, a Navy Seal, who stars alongside Annabelle Wallis, who plays an archeologist named Jenny Halsey, Courtney B. Vance who will play Colonel Gideon Forster, and Russell Crowe who will play the role of the famous Dr. Henry Jekyll.

Tom Cruise is well-known for performing a lot of his own stunt work, and USA Today reported that Matt Damon had some very positive things to say about his fellow actor and his stunt abilities.

Matt Damon said that he sees Tom Cruise as one of the best actions stars of today and that he was particularly impressed by the daring stunt work put into the Burj scene from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol a few years ago.

Matt Damon spoke on Cruise’s Burj stunt work and the story behind it, saying that he was so interested in the planning that went into the stunt work that he once asked Tom Cruise to walk him through the entire process.

“He started the story with, ‘I’d been thinking about this for like 15 years, and I knew just what I wanted to do. I went to the safety guy in preproduction and said, ‘Here’s what I am thinking.’ And I explained it all to him. And he said, ‘Absolutely not. That’s not safe.’ So I get this new safety guy.'”

Damon admitted that he was incredulous that Tom Cruise found a new “safety guy” when the first expert refused to allow him to perform the stunt, admitting that even he would have listened to the suggestion of the safety expert. Damon also admitted that the War of the Worlds star is someone he can’t ever see himself competing with in terms of stunts and actions scenes.

Matt Damon spoke on Tom Cruise as an action star.

“He told me what he did. And he walked me through everything. I just said, ‘You win. There’s no way. I cannot compete with that.’ He’s just a gifted stunt man on top of being a gifted actor.”

[Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images]